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Learn from The Nightmare Before Christmas (quick)

The Nightmare Before Christmas 可以學到咩,最好用English答,thx!!!

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    In the Nightmare Before Christmas, You can learn about many thing, namely:

    1. you will have to be content with your situation and don't meddle into unfamiliar waters. ( Jack is having a good life in Halloween town but he is not content with it and went to Christmas town-- where he attempted to recreate christmas town in Halloween town before he understands what it really is)

    2. even if you made a person who he/she is, you can't take it for granted. you still have to treat them nice ( doc alway took Sally for granted and sees her as belonging to him and limits her freedom-- and the result? Sally rebelled against him and poisoned him!)

    3. children should follow instructions and not play with bad people. (Shock, Lock and Barrel-- ignored the adult's warning and took Santa to Oggie Boogie and created a big troulbe)

    4. never dismiss someone before listening to them (when Jack's bone-reindeers got blasted Jack was left with no transportation Zero was trying to tell him that he could lead the way but Jack did not listen to him at first)

    Source(s): Tim Burton and myself
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