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請幫我將以下2 個食譜翻譯做 英文

翻譯哂 2 個先可以有 20 分架



鹽水吞拿魚 2 罐

蝴蝶粉 8 安士

蘑菇 4 安士

芝士碎 適量

蕃茜 少許


牛油 2 湯匙

麵粉 2 湯匙

鹽 1/8 茶匙 (視個人口味加減)

鮮奶 1 杯 (可用忌廉代替口感更細緻幼滑,但卡路里及脂肪含量亦會相應增加)

胡椒粉 適量


1 蝴蝶粉發好備用

2 吞拿魚隔去鹽水,用湯匙壓碎備用

3 蘑菇去蒂,洗淨沫乾,切碎粒

4 熱鍋放入牛油煮溶,加入麵粉及鹽拌勻,離火

5 加入鮮奶拌勻,回爐開慢火並不斷攪拌直至滾起

6 加入吞拿魚拌勻

7 加入蝴蝶粉拌勻

8 加入蘑菇碎拌勻

9 最後加入芝士拌溶,晒上少許蕃茜即成


功效 :

- 紅蘿蔔含有大量維生素 A,常吃可預防癌症,提高身體的免疫力,並有明目潤膚功效

- 感冒或身體不適沒有胃口時,飲用此湯,不僅容易消化,而且還可以增加體力


紅蘿蔔 1/2 磅

意大利香草碎 適量

雞湯 200 毫升

水 200 毫升

鮮奶 / 忌廉 1/4 杯

鹽 適量

做法 :

1 紅蘿蔔削皮切小件

2 洋蔥去皮切小件

3 熱鍋放入水及雞湯煮滾,放入紅蘿蔔煮漲後,轉慢火煮 20 分鐘,4 撈起紅蘿蔔,留湯水備用

5 紅蘿蔔待涼後,放入碗中用湯匙壓成茸 或 放入攪拌器攪成茸,備用

6 把紅蘿蔔湯水煮滾,加入紅蘿蔔茸拌勻,加入鮮奶拌勻

7 最後加鹽調味,倒入湯碗中,晒少許意大利香草碎,即成

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    不要用自動網譯, 因為出來看不懂.

    Farfalle Carbonara with Tuna Flakes

    Ingredients (for 2)

    2 cans of tuna flakes (in salted water)

    8 ounces of farfalle

    4 ounces of mashrooms

    some grinded cheese

    a pinch of parsley

    Ingredients for the Carbonara sauce

    2 tablespoons of butter

    2 tablespoons of flour

    a pinch of salt (amount is up to individual preference)

    1 cup of milk (replace milk with cream for smoother taste but at the risk of higher calories and fat)

    a pinch of pepper


    1. Boil farfalle in hot water. Set aside

    2. Drain the tuna flakes from the can. Crush with a spoon.

    3. Remove stalks of the mushrooms. Wash and dice.

    4. Heat butter, flour and salt in the pan. Remove from heat.

    5. Put in milk. Stir thoroughly over low heat until it reaches the boiling point.

    6. Stir in the tuna

    7. Stir in the farfalle

    8. Stir in the mushroom

    9. Stir in the cheese until melted. Sprinkle parsley. Ready to serve.

    Carrot Soup

    Nutrition values :

    - The Carrot is rich in vitamin A, sufficient intake of which helps reduce cancer risk, boost immunity, and improve health to the eyes and skin.

    - It is good to have some carrot soup in times of flu, minor sickness or indigestion for it is easy to digest and helps recovery.

    Ingredients (to make 2 small bowls of soup)

    1/2 pound of carrot

    a pinch of Italian herbs

    200 ml of chicken broth

    200 ml of water

    1/4 cup of milk / cream

    a pinch of salt


    1 Cut the carrots into small pieces

    2 Peal and cut up the onion

    3 Heat chicken broth and water in a pot. Put in the carrot until it is cooked thoroughly and turns soft. Turn to low heat and continue to cook for 20 mintes.

    4 Remove the carrot from the pot. Set aside the broth.

    5 When the carrot is cooled enough, crush it into paste with a spoon, or grind it in a food processor

    6 Heat up the broth. Stir in the carrot paste and milk

    7 Season with salt. Serve in a bowl. Sprinkle Italian herbs on the soup.

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    Butterfly Baishi tuna fish powder

    Materials: (two)

    Drip 2 cans tuna fish

    Butterfly powder 8 oz

    4 oz mushrooms

    Cheese suitable broken

    Fan Qian slightly

    Boshi material:

    2 tablespoons butter

    2 tablespoons flour

    Salt 1 / 8 teaspoon (depending on personal tastes Modified)

    1 cup milk (cream can be used instead of more refined taste creamy, but calories and fat content will increase)

    Pepper appropriate


    Butterfly powder, a good standby

    2 tuna fish to the brine separated by tablespoons crushed reserve

    3 mushrooms, untiringly, in order, Mo dry cleaned, chopped tablets

    4 Reguo Add butter boiling solution, by adding flour and salt meat from the fire

    5 By adding fresh meat, melted down and opened the back stirring constantly until the roller from the

    6 By adding tuna fish meat

    7 By adding powder meat Butterfly

    8 By adding mushrooms broken meat

    9 Add cheese mix Rong, a little sun on Fan Qian top

    Carrot soup


    -- Carrot contains a lot of vitamin A, can be tied to the prevention of cancer and improve the body's immunity, and improving eyesight soothing effect

    -- Colds or physical discomfort, no appetite, drink the soup, not only easy to digest, but also can increase physical

    Materials: (two small bowl weight)

    Carrots 1 / 2 pounds

    Italy broken modest vanilla

    Chicken 200 ml

    200 ml water

    Milk / cream 1 / 4 cup

    Salt appropriate


    1 small carrot pieces cut Percutaneous

    2 small pieces of onion to Percutaneous

    3 Reguo Add water and broth boil, add carrots cooked up, to slow simmer 20 minutes, 4 Remove carrot, in soups reserve

    5 carrots Dailiang, Add to bowl with a spoon Velvet pressure Add to blender or Jiacheng Velvet, spare

    6 carrot soup boil add the carrot Velvet meat, meat by adding milk

    7 final seasoning with salt, add Shangwan, Italy drying a little vanilla broken, top

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