detergent clear sea water oil spills problem

我想問下如果要清潔海水既oil spills


如果用soapy 佢會同Ca2+ , Mg2+ 做reaction (sea water is hard water) (CaCO3, MgCO3 insoluble 的...)

如果用soapless 但係又會non-biodegradable (咁咪有water pollution囉)


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    Emulsification by using a detergent is a common method used to remove oil spills.

    However, soapy detergents should not be used. This is because seawater is hard water which contains certain amounts of magnesium and calcium ions (especially magnesium ion), and the soapy detergents would form scum with magnesium and calcium ions and lose their emulsifying power.

    Soapless detergent is therefore used to remove oil spills. The sea can provide sufficient dilution effect to dilute the non-biodegradable detergents (their structures have branched hydrocarbon chains) to very low levels. If you want to work in a cleaner way, soapless detergents with structures of non-branched hydrocarbon chains should be used because they are biodegradable.

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