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K歌情人 急 ~20點


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    Music and Lyrics (2007)

    Why is it that romantic comedies are so bad at providing female characters who seem like people instead of frenzied balls of character traits? Drew Barrymore is Sophie Fisher, a substitute plant-waterer who can't tell the difference between flora and formica, a compulsive talker who says inappropriate things and then acknowledges the inappropriateness aloud, a klutz, and a hypochondriac. Hugh Grant is Alex Fletcher, a former pop star whose other characteristics consist of the fact that Hugh Grant is playing him. It takes half the film's running time for Drew (I like to type "Drew" and "Hugh," so that's how I'm going to refer to them) to get over being a character sketch and start being a character; Hugh, by coasting on his Hugh Grant-ness, is a person from the opening frames.....省略...(字數太多)

    The main song, "Way Back into Love," is a power ballad, the anonymity of which renders its centrality to the plot puzzling: there's nothing to distinguish it from hundreds of other power ballads from any given musical era since the early 1970s, except that Drew and Hugh made it together, so why all the fuss over whether Cora should be allowed to turn it into "an orgasm set to the Gandhi soundtrack"? Sure, her delivery is in bad taste, and yes, I understand the principle behind the argument, but since the song in question isn't worth arguing about, I couldn't feel emotionally involved in the dispute.....


    Music and Lyrics movie review

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