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how do you cut out part of a picture and fit it to another?

i want to make a picture where my friends heads can go on another persons body. i have tried paint but there is a white box around the head after i cut it(like when i try to put it on the other body).

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    Thanks for the info on the Free Form Selection tool!

    Here's the info on Free Form Selection from the Help menu at Paint:


    To copy and paste part of a picture:

    In the toolbox, click Select to select a rectangular area, or click *Free-Form Select* to select a freeform area.

    ....Drag the pointer around the perimeter of the area you want to copy (when you release the mouse button, the area will change to a rectangle)

    Select a method of pasting:

    ...Click on the yellow/red/green/blue icon on the left to apply a transparent background (this is the one YOU want... it has a see-through area in the selected box in the icon)

    ...(or) Click (the other icon) to apply an opaque background (this will leave a white area in the background rather than a transparent area).

    On the Edit menu, click Copy.

    On the Edit menu, click Paste.

    Drag the selection to a new location.

    ...(then you'll probably have to Paint or Fill certain areas to fill in wrong or missing areas or to just clean up)


    You cannot paste graphics when the text tool is selected.

    You can paste multiple copies of an object by holding down CTRL while you drag the object to a new location. Repeat as needed.

    To undo up to three changes, on the Edit menu, click Undo for each change.

    To turn off the selection box, click outside the box.

    HTH, and have fun!

    Diane B.

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    You can use paint and spend lots of time, or you can use Adobe's Collection of programs. There is Adobe Photoshop latest version is CS3 or you can use Adobe Photoshop Elements (6). Elements is for doing easy stuff while photoshop is for hard core designers. I have both of them and I would recommend Elements as i think you just want to do normal editing, it is also cheaper!!! They cost a lot but the results are well paid. You could also us Correl Paint Pro and other Correl Products, but it's not as good as Adobe.

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    you can use paint, use the free form button (very top left) and trace the image.

    hope that helps!

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    4 years ago

    apple button and "T" key. Move according.

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