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Does anyone have promotion codes for american airlines?

i will be flying from SFO to BNA in the beginning of June. thanks

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    Why American Airlines? I'd recommend going to the travel websites (orbitz, travelocity, travelzoo, etc.) and get a feel for how much prices will be on other airlines. THEN go to the airlines website to see if you can beat it!

    If you're looking for promotion codes for a certain airline, I'd recommend two things:

    1. Create a junk e-mail account and sign up for all there special fares! Belive me, you'll save some money on sales that the airlines don't publish.

    2. Google them! Even if I have a discount, I'd google "American Airlines discount codes" and see what is out there. I've been to a few websites that will list codes.

    Good luck, and remeber to buckle up and enjoy the flight!

    Source(s): I'm an aviaition fanatic, pilot, and I'm always on an airplane traveling!
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