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the other boylen girl?

yucky movie.

1) did george and ann have sex?

2) what happened to the king that had sex with mary and ann die? i heard he got AIDS and went insaine?

3) was it based on a TRUE STORY?

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    1) No. The accusations and charges that Anne and George Boleyn had incestuous sex were false, and were trumped up by King Henry VIII and Thomas Cranmer, so that Henry had an excuse to divorce Anne and marry his latest flame, Jane Seymore. Remember, Henry was desperate to sire a legitimate male heir, and as both his first two wives had failed to bare him sons, he saw hope in marrying Jane. (This turned out to be true, as Jane gave birth to Henry's only legitimate son, Edward VI)

    2) Henry did not suffer from HIV, nor did anyone else during that time period. AIDS did not yet exist. Although it's widely believed now that Henry suffered from Syphilis, another STD. This would account why he failed to sire many healthy children, despite having six wives and many mistresses. Syphilis is a very deadly disease for developing fetuses, and it helps to explain why many of Henry's legitimate children were born stillborn.

    Also, Henry suffered from a leg injury he received while jousting at a tournament. He was married to Anne at the time, and the injury caused long term damage to him, as it became painful to walk and exercise. Prior to his injury, he had been very athletic, but the pain in his leg caused him to become lethargic, and gain weight rapidly. He eventually developed a painful ulcer, which needed to be drained daily in hi later years.

    3) The Other Boleyn Girl is based on Philipa Gregory's book of the same name. Although it's based on actual people and events in Tudor England, Gregory took A LOT of artistic license when she wrote the book. For example, although it's confirmed that Henry VIII and Mary Boleyn slept together, it is unknown if they ever had any children. Also the portrayal of Anne is widely discredited, as it relies too much on the false charges brought against her by Cranmer.

    It's well known that Hollywood takes artistic license with movies when portraying historic events. The Other Boleyn Girl is obviously false in many regards.

    Hope this helps,


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    Anne boleyn was accused of having sex with her brother George, among other men, but it seems unlikely that it was true. most people seemed to think that the accusations against Anne were a put-up job, even her enemies were not convinced of her guilt.

    Henry VIII did not go insane. He did suffer a lot of illness and pain during his later years, he had a sore on his leg that would not heal, it is possible that he was diabetic. He certainly did not have AIDS, there was no AIDS in those days, but it has been suggested that he may have had syphilis, which was incurable in those days and was regarded with the same dread as AIDS is nowadays.

    it is certainly true that Mary Boleyn was henry VIII's mistress, but very little is known about their relationship apart from the fact that she was his mistress for a time. When he wanted to marry Anne boleyn, he applied to the pope for a dispensation, because having had sex with Anne's sister put her within the forbidden degree of relationships. But that is the only official record that says anything about their relationship.

    Mary may have been in love with Henry (as she is portrayed as being in the film) or she may not. We simply don't know, because nobody left any account of Mary's feelings, or any details about her relationship with the King.

    it is unlikely that her children were henry's (as is sometimes claimed) because he never acknowledge them as such, and it is most probably that his affair with Mary was over before they were born. His only acknowledged bastard was Henry Fitzroy, whose mother was a woman called Bessie blount, whom he knew before Mary Boleyn.

    So, the affair with Mary was true, but all the details in the book and film The Other Bolyen Girl come out of the author's imagination. They MIGHT be true, but we have no way of knowing.

    Source(s): 'hnery VIII: king and court' by Alison Weir
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    Did George and Anne have sex?

    We'll never know. It says in the Philippa Gregory book that they did, but that's just a theory. Henry VIII, who had an affair with Mary before he married Anne, accused Anne of incest with her brother (just one of the cooked-up charges against her), but he needed to get rid of her in order to marry another woman legally. Therefore Anne had to die. It's unlikely the charges were true. However, Anne had given birth to only one living child, a daughter, and later lost two boys. She had "miscarried of her saviour", so there is a very slight possiblity that she may have felt so desperate that it just could have happened!

    What happened to the king that had sex with Mary and Anne?

    That was Henry VIII. He did die in the end, but he had gone through another four wives by then. AIDS was not of that time, but Henry did undergo a marked change in personality while married to Anne. He changed from a true Renaissance prince to an enormous man given to sudden rages; he was unpredictable and brutal.

    Was it based on a true story?


    Have a read here:

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    Are u serious? Aids didnt even exist then.He did have sex with both in different time periods.Ann married him while she was pregnant with queen Elizabeth.Though it is based on a true story dont believe it detail for detail they always change things in the movies

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    i haven't seen the movie yet so i don't know how accurate it is. but i do know that Ann Boleyn was Henry the VIII second of six wives who he eventually had beheaded so that he could he could marry his next wife(Jane) he accused her of incest with her brother so that the church would execute her. she was the mother of Elisabeth who eventually became the virgin queen of England. as for how he died I'm not positive but i don't think he had AIDS or went insane. but anything you really want to know you can just go to and look up the history. hope this helps! :)

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