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whats a MSN?

ppl wats a msn??? my cuz just emailed me and asked me if i had one and omfg i dont no wat it is..............plz help me!!!!!!!!!!! bc if i ask her wat it is she'll think im really stupid so help me someone!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    MSN is one of popular chat account on the internet using Hotmail/MSN account. You can create your account for free at http://www.msn.com./ Download MSN Messenger, and start to chat with anybody who is online and have an MSN account.

    Download MSN Messenger in : http://www.soft32.com/Download/Free/MSN_Messenger/...

    see MSN site for more info :


    Have fun!!

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    MSN is an online chatting network like yahoo messenger. it's also a search engine like google or yahoo. and it's a email account, eg gmail or yahoo. it's also a site for games and all sorts of stuff.

    you can check out more here at http://www.msn.com/

    don't worry, i'm sure plenty of other ppl dont know what msn is :D

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    MSN is another type of search engine like Yahoo and Google. Where you can create an e-mail and download an instant messenger to talk to people like for instant your cousin online.

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    it is an email that you get on msn and you can IM on it to if you down load it, i lot of people just call it msn. You can get one at www.msn.com

    Source(s): i have one
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  • how did she email you if you dont have msn anyway its a account that you have and you talk to ppl or you send them mail......

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