How can I get red of all those forwarded address and then forward an e-mail to some one?

i am sure you know what i am talking about. we all receive forwarded e-mails from others. most of the time it is so annoying to forward the same e-mail to some one else and all those e-mail address go with the e-mail. is there a way to delete or get red of all those forwarded address and just send the message, I know what to do when the message is text but for the rest like images which do not have any link, how can i forward the e-mail without the rest of all those forwarded e-mail addresses.


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    If you are planning to forward a forwarded letter to multiple recipients, here is how it is done.

    On the forwarded email that you received, click ‘Forward…As Inline Text’.

    A new email page will open for you to edit the email. Delete all the addresses shown on the ‘CC’ and ‘BCC’ field.

    You may also edit the body of the email if you want.

    When you are ready to insert addresses, to add an entry in the ‘Cc:’ and ‘Bcc:’ fields, click the "Show Cc: and Bcc:" link to the right of the "To:" field.

    Click ‘Contacts’…to open your Address Book.

    Click at the contact name you want to be ‘Cc’d’

    (Cc: stands for "carbon copy." Anyone listed in the Cc: field of a message receives a copy of that message when you send it. All other recipients of that message can see that the person you designated as a Cc: recipient has received a copy of the message.)

    Click at the contact name you want to be ‘Bcc’d’.

    (Bcc: stands for "blind carbon copy." This is similar to the Cc: feature, except that Bcc: recipients are invisible to all the other recipients of the message (including other Bcc: recipients).

    For example, if you send a message To: and Bcc:, then johndoe sees himself as the message's only recipient. Janedoe, on the other hand, is "in the know"—she can see that you sent the message To: johndoe, and that you blind-copied her.)

    Note: To send a message, you must always specify at least one recipient in the "To:" field.

    If you don't, an error message appears when you attempt to send the message.

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    Click on forward, the you will see the list of all the people it previously went to. Highlight and delete. For all that forwarded stuff, people shouldn't put addresses where others can see them. If you're forwarding to multiple people, the most considerate way to do it is to put all the address is the bcc field so no one can see them.

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    All people should make a habit of using a BCC (blind carbon copy) when sending an email to multiple people. It would eliminate a lot of spam and privacy issues.

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    Use Bcc, for multiple email addresses.


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  • Betty
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    It's spam, there is no way for the Red Cross to track what you send from your e-mail.

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    You meant get rid of, you can delete them.

    I also agree people should learn what BCC is for.

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    cut and paste the part of the message you want to keep and put into another email, this is want i do and i am sure that there is another way! but that works for me

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    Darling jay_are 1109 has it...

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