Under what conditions would either Clinton or Obama drop out of the race for the Democratic nomination?

That is, what politcal events (such as Obama winning Pennsylvania, Clinton winning North Carolina, or key endorsements like Al Gore), might cause the one of the two to drop out.

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    I think that Hillary will drop out if the gap narrows in Pennsylvania when the votes are counted and the polls in the remaining states are showing Obama ahead. Also at that point many of the 300+ uncommitted superdelegates will be deciding in Obama's favor.

    I trust she will do the right thing, despite everything I think the Clintons love their country and party. But most of all they want to look good in the history books. Maybe then Hillary will put her focus on the Senate and become a very effective senator!

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    1 decade ago

    Hillary will never drop out even though she has plenty of reasons to do so. In order for her to catch up to Obama she needs to win three times as many delegates as him in the remaining primaries. That is not possible. The only way she could win the nomination would be to have the super delegates overturn the results of all the primaries and declare the loser the winner. That also isn't going to happen.

    If she cared about her party or the Nation she would resign and support the nominee, Obama. Unfortunately the only people the Clintons care about are the Clintons!

  • poul
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    4 years ago

    i'm with The Wiz and Tim. something except a Clinton win is going at hand the keys to the White domicile to McCain. Clinton needs to win properly in PA, ensure that there is not any longer a blow-out victory for Obama in NC, and then get properly ahead in a lot of of the final contests to be get ahead contained in the commonly used vote. she will then artwork on resolving MI & FL because Obama and his supporters look extra fascinated in "guidelines guidelines guidelines" over making confident electorate' voices are heard. From there, Hillary can placed a case to the supers related to electability and being the tougher candidate adversarial to McCain, and then take out the nomination. Edit: Forgot to assert Clinton v McCain = Clinton. Obama v McCain = McCain. the conventional season and the final election might want to be treated one after the other. at the same time as Obama would contained in the right appeal to the final public of Dems contained in the primaries and caucuses, he would favor to appeal to a broader coalition of electorate contained in the final, and that's his Achilles heel, regardless of a few in many situations held perceptions. For a commence, i imagine an excellent variety of Clinton's help will both stay domicile or vote elsewhere contained in the final election, and that'll be adequate to end Obama's possibilities contained in the fall. compared, i'm no longer confident that as a lot of Obama's supporters will ditch Clinton for yet another candidate. The Republicans favor to face Obama. What does that permit you recognize? because it tells me that they plan to conquer Obama over the top on believe, judgement, patriotism (Rev Wright etc). he will come out on the incorrect end of that wrestle i'll make sure it now, and that's how I see McCain winning if Obama's nominated.

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    I can't think of any reason, that either one will drop out until the last vote is counted. And that will be at the convention when all the delegate votes are counted.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Not going to happen. They both want it too much and they are starting to hate each other.

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