How do you empty the waste ink absorber in the canon pixma mp130?

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    To clean physical pads:

    Open cover (as if replacing ink cartridge).

    Locate waste ink pads, they are far right under cartridge slider.

    Pry up waste ink pads (inky, might want to wear gloves).

    Rinse pads in sink or with alcohol, dry.

    Replace pads. Make sure pads are fully seated.

    2. To reset waste ink counter:

    Press Menu-Scan-Copy-Scan to enter service menu.

    Use arrow keys to scroll to “Service menu counter access”.

    Press OK.

    Use arrow keys to scroll to “ABS-M DOT COUNT”

    Press Copy.

    Use arrow keys to reset count to zero.

    Press OK.

    Press Stop/Reset.

    There ya go MP130 up and running again.

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    How do you empty the waste ink absorber in the canon pixma mp130?

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    Canon Mg8220 Manual

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    I've used 99% Isopropyl Alcohol in some. Is this a sponge or just a cup like absorber? For the sponge I usually remove it and soak it in alcohol and then, wearing rubber gloves, squeeze out the ink/alcohol mixture (multiple times if needed) for the cup type, I just use Q-tips to remove what I can and then clean the surface with Alcohol.

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