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my dad wont let me buy xbox 360?

i am 13 years old and i have saved up money for an xbox 360. my dad wont let me and i asked him why and he says "because i said so". i have asked for many things that i can spend with my own money and he always said no for example a lizard, basketball ring etc. I have consulted with him and i have tried to make fair deals like saying that i have limits on how much i play. My brother about 1 year ago was allowed to buy a psp and so he did. i dont understand why i cant be a xbox 360. when i bought my imac i got a free ipod with it and my dad wanted it for $150. i said no. and finally now i said ill give it for free to him if i can buy my 360. i do well in school and im sure it wont distract me from my work. im in year 8. everything i buy is with my own money and if your wandering how i got the money to buy an imac its because my dad never lets me buy anything. i get presents and work for money but i can never spend it. i put $2000 in my bank for when im 18 my self. PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!!!


My dad gave me one reason why im not aloud to buy a 360. he says its waste of money. My brother bought a bloody mobile for $800 nokia n95 and im like whats different from that phone to an average one. he says "oh, its got a navigator, barcode reader etc. and im like..." your in fuckking year 10! you dont use the navigator cause u dont drive a car and all the features on the damn phone you never use anyway!" and thats what i call a waste of money! my dad says ive got to many games on my ******* computer! let me count 1...2....3 thats ******* it 3 games. in my dads brain well if he even has a brain thats like 10,000,000,000,000 games to him. i mean hat an idiot!!

Update 2:

ok, if i go to the store and buy it my self and bring it home he'd go ******* nuts. i'd throw away the receipt so i couldent return and then he'd probably throw it our or sell it him self. and i dont think i could store it at a friends house.

Update 3:

its not adzactly legal but it kinda is cause i mean i could buy the 360 my self but my dad has a right that its not aloud to be in the house so theres no point going out and buying it myself...

Update 4:

nah id wouldent be vandalism cause its on his property. and hed throw it out...

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    Looks like your dad is being difficult,thats a lil messed up! At first it drove me crazy when my son got his because thats all he did. But I soon realised that things couldve been alot worse! Try explaing to him that he wont have to worry because he'll always know where your at,your not at the wrong place with the wrong crowd or sneeking out of your window at night,lol. show him online and all the cool things you can do with it.You sound like a cool kid and he outta be proud that you earn your own money and a responsible kid. Good luck!

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    Look it seems like you have a really controlling father, if he doesn't want you to have it even with you paying for it then I don't think there is much you can do. To be honest you don't need him in the store to buy the system, however I'm sure he'll be pissed when he finds out you bought it anyway. What I'd recommend is finding out exactly why he doesn't want you to have it. Then work from there. If all else fails you could buy the system and store it at a friends house and play it there.

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    if u saved up the money urself, and ur doing good in school, u should be able to buy anything u want that is legal for ur age. just have a good father son talk and see if u can get to the bottom of it.

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    well if i were u i would just go and buy it by myself and bring it home and play it and when he finds out tell him its my own money and i have the right to do what i want with it without ur control, and if he does do something to it, its basicly not his so i guess it would be considered vandilism

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    Seems your dad is a PS3 guy.

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    idk im sorry man

    have u tried christmas or your birthday?

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