Electrical problem with my house??

Ok heres the deal, my electric bill for my house during the winter was $341.00 which is ok since its a pretty big house and its all electric, but now this month we haven't used any of the central heat or air and it is still, almost to the penny, the same as when we were running the heat during the winter!!! could there be some problem with the electrical layout or breakers or ANYTHING?!?!

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    In some areas the power company can take an average of previous years and previous months useage to get and estimated average of useage rather than coming out and reading the meter. if you call the power company should do this it can from time to time (depending on usage) be in your favor but most of the time it is to their benifit you should call the company and ask if this happend and then instruct them you would like an actual reading done for all future bills.

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    Sounds like your service isn't adiquite, you should be able to have a tech from your electric company come over and evuluate your service. Never play with your service if you don't now what your doing. Post note to below posts, you HAVE NO problem with you transformer, this is an interior problem, the transformer in your street IF it was malfunctioning would 100% trip the long pole breaker on the transformer, AND also all your neighbors would have issues, this is a interior problem, a undersized electrical panel, or your house has aluminium wiring, (older houses has it, but contractors didn't know had to go 1 Ga. higher with al. than copper), another words, if a cuicuit called for a 10 Ga copper, had to use 8 Ga aluminum as the equivilate, check these all out, i am sure this will give you your solution.

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    Often the Company does an "estimate" during winter months when getting around is hard of short staffed. This is what I suspect they did this time ...an estimate is often made to "imitate" the previous month.....Learn to "read" you meter and you will be able to estimate your own use....no really hard to do....get consumption from last month..the reading should be there...and substract from new reading... and check your cost per KW.......Just remember the each indicater on the meter is to be read as the lesser reading......That is ...not read as the higher number until it is well past that number

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    Are you on some kind of budget maybe you don't know about with the electric company just a guess. I'd have that checked out right away....

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  • 1 decade ago

    sounds like they estimate your bills and will adjust them accordingly after the next meter reading. It is very common that they only read the meter every other month or even 3 months.

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    Sounds like you are on the year round payment plan where you pay the same amt each month and then pay the overage or are refunded if overpaid, once a year.

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    It sounds like the power company has you on their balanced billing program. Give them a call.

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    You are paying for last months electricity. It was probably still cold then.

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