How can I make my own magazine?

I took a bunch of pictures for my husband's birthday--sexy pictures, like playboy centerfold pictures, but they don't have any nudity. They're just me dressed up in sexy little outfits, and I thought it would be fun to take the digital pictures and turn them into a fake playbody magazine and give it to him as a present.

I've looked it up online, but all I can find is how to make a cover from your own there any way I can make this for him as a gift? Like a website or company that can make one from pictures? I know you can make a calendar from your pictures, but I can't find anything about magazines. Any help would be appreciated, from both me and my husband!

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    If this is just a one thing event then, go to staples and have them print it out on quality paper (so it may be like $1 a page. 10 pages is 10 bucks so...) So if you have photoshop or something like that (illustrator is another one) then you can take a picture scan it and open it up in photoshop/illustrator. Use the text button and then you can make up a name of your magazine and place it at the top. Type up a contents page (you can do the same thing as the front page. Use text and use different fonts and sizes, so copy a magazine. Then you can write some articles on "why you love your man" andn then type up something that sounds like a magazine and you're a star. I don't know pretend your husband is brad pitt and your angelina jolie or something. Pretend you're her then take cool magazine poses (see magazines for inspiration) then write why you love him. Maybe make up a question an interviewer would ask like "how did you find love" or "what's your definition of love" then answer it like you're on an interview. Sometimes in the gossip magazines there's a "Most embarassing moment" and they ask different celebrities a time when they were most embarassed. Use a picture of yourself then talk about a time embarassing that's relevant but light humored and fun about when your husband embarassed you (in a good way if he can't take a joke, but i'd just keep it fun.) An example, "Well, sometimes I remember my man (because you're a "celebrity" and don't want the paparazzi stalking you and taking your pictures for a buck so don't mention the name) took me to a restaurant and sang "I think I love ya" or "You Are So Beautiful" to me and it was beautiful but embarassing. Or maybe you did something like this, put that in there. And depending how far you wanna go, buy or rent some wigs and pretend you're a different celebrity and then put the same stories in there but you put down you're a different celebrity. (Just depends on how much you wanna pay for this.)

    For the ad pictures, have a picture of you in a car, or going to a party or something (see ad pictures for inspiration) and then make up names or put names (like you did for the magazine name) texted below or something. If you drink have a picture of you at a bar and someone takes a picture of you (in a random moment not of you smiling on 3) like how they do in barcardi ads and use that as a picture.

    The sky's the limit. If you have time go on ebay and buy Janet Jacksons "All for you" tour program. She makes it look like a magazine cover and has articles and stuff in it.

    If that sounds crazy and too overwhelming, go to kinkos or staples or office depot and see if someone can help you do this.. Staples is usually more friendly but they might only just copy they might not have a hired hand.

    Or you can go to craigslist state your price and put your description up and someone will do it for you for a fee, but MAKE SURE YOU RESEARCH first.

    Good luck and congratulations!

    Hope that helps

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    Contact an exsisting magazine and tell them you think you have talent and you would like to show them some of your work. They'll probably first have you write an article or two for them and then if your article is successful they may consider you doing more until they may give your own magazine!

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    Just get in contact with your local print shop. Some do t-shirts, some do menus for pizza places, some do zines, some do it all. Look 'em up in the yellow pages.

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    i only know about the calender at walmart you can make. i haven't heard of any places that do the magazines, but if i were you i would google it.

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