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what are some great 80's songs?

throwing my sister an 80's themed party. what are some of your favorite songs?


wild1---- LMAO

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    Hotel California ~ Eagles

    Billie Jean ~Michael Jackson

    Girls Just Want To Have Fun ~Cindy Lauper

    Don't Worry Be Happy ~Bobby McFerrin

    Addicted to Love ~Robert Palmer

    Livin' On A Prayer ~ Bon Jovi

    Devil Went Down To Georgia ~ Charlie Daniels Band

    Centerfold ~ J. Geils Band

    Can't Fight This Feeling ~ REO Speedwagon

    Jessies Girl ~ Rick Springfield

    Edited to Add

    Sharp Dressed Man ~ZZTop

    Old Time Rock n Roll ~ Bob Seger & the Silver Bullet Band

    Candle In The Wind ~ Elton John

    Pour Some Sugar On Me ~ Def Leopard

    Another Brick In The Wall 2 ~ Pink Floyd

    It's The End Of The World As We Know It ~ R.E.M.

    Jack & Diane ~ John Cougar Mellencamp

    Like A Virgin ~ Madonna

    Of course you got me researching all these songs so now i'm making a playlist with all these songs of course I found more... ROFL

    Love Shack ~ B- 52's

    Eternal Flame ~ Bangles

    Betty Davis Eyes ~ Kim Carnes

    Should I Stay or Should I Go ~ Clash

    Whip It ~ Devo

    Sweet Dreams Are Made Of This ~ Eurythmics

    Centerfield ~ John Fogerty

    Angel Eyes ~ Jeff Healey Band

    White Wedding ~ Billy Idol

    Celebration ~ Kool & The Gang

    Always Something Here To Remind Me ~ Naked Eyes

    Physical ~ Olivia Newton John

    Ghostbusters ~ Ray Parker Jr.

    9 to 5 ~ Dolly Parton

    Another One Bites the Dust ~ Queen

    Crazy Little Thing Called Love ~ Queen

    Come Feel The Noise ~ Quiet Riot

    Here I Go Again ~ White Snake

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    Safety Dance-Men Without Hats

    Bust A Move-Young MC


    White Wedding-Billy Idol

    Relax-Frankie Goes To Hollywood

    Too Shy-Kajagoogoo

    Der Kommisar-After The Fire

    The Look of Love-ABC

    I Ran-A Flock Of Seagulls

    Tainted Love-Soft Cell

    Those are just some of my favorites.

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    Since the 80's are coming back..

    My Favorite Songs Of The 80's

    I would say the songs

    Call Me - Blondie(awesomeessssttt! song ever)

    Billie Jean - Michael Jackson

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    journey the Wind- Poison Sister Christian- nighttime Ranger something by technique of Ozzy Osbourne Dr.Feelgood- Motley Crue Bohemian Rhapsody- Queen My Michelle- guns N' Roses Rock N' Roll Ain't Noise pollutants- AC/DC My well-known Poison music Fallen Angel domicile sweet domicile- Motley Crue happen the Radio- Autograph Armageddon It- Def Leppard nevertheless of the nighttime- Whitesnake Devils Dance- Metallica

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    Let's Go Crazy, Prince

    One More Try, George Michael

    White Lines, Melle Mel

    Thriller, Michael Jackson

    Take My Breath Away, Berlin

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    i personally love 80's

    so if you want to dance all night and have

    your guests dancing...

    i recommend....

    duran duran- hungry like the world

    OMD- electricity, if you leave

    aha- take on me

    depeche mode- enjoy the silence, everything counts, just cant get enough

    erasure- sometimes

    new order- bizzare love triangle, true faith

    real life- send me an angle

    kim wilde- keep me hanging on, kids in america

    micheal jackson- billie jean, thriller

    madonna- like a virgin

    berlin- no more words

    billy idol- dancing with myself, rebel yell

    a flock of seagulls- space age love song, i ran

    morrisey- suedhead

    the smiths- handsome devil, there is a light

    peter schilling- major tom, different story

    prince- 1999

    trans x- living on video

    sunbelt- spin it


    thats all i could think of for the moment

    but they are great songs

    Source(s): 80's lover. go to 80's club alot
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    Love My Way by the Psychedelic Furs

    It's My Life by Talk Talk

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    how about guns n roses welcome to the jungle,paradise city, sweet child o mine, skid row 18 and life, i remember you, bon jovi living on a prayer, bad medicine, you give love a bad name, poison talk dirty to me, mammas fallen angel, every rose has its thorn, metallica enter sandman, sad but true, where ever i may roam, nothing else matters, motley crew sameold situation, girls girls girls, smokin in the boy's room, kick start my heart, i could go on for hours!

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    great songs from the 80's ok...well theres ummm...oh ya theres ummmm...hold it theres gotta be one...ummmm.....

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