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Hey- I'm thinking about moving to San Antonio. Could anyone tell me about this city? What is the culture like and things to do? What are the best neighborhoods to live in? I personally like to live right in the thick of the action- walking right out my door and having shops and restaurants.... is there a neighborhood like that in San Antonio? Is the downtown area a good place to live? I also love rodeo and the country music scene... is San Antonio a good place for that? Where would you recommend going? I'm in my late 20s and single. Is there a good singles scene for people my age? 100 questions, I know! Any and all input is much appreciated- thanks!

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    San Antonio is the eigth largest city in the US and one of the 10 fastest growing cities in the US. The weather is temperate, so there is virtually no winter. In January the average high is 60 while the average low is 40. Most of the year the average high is in the upper 70s to mid 80s with lows in the 60s. In the mid summer it does get hotter with highs averaging in the mid 90s and lows in the mid 70s. This weather makes outdoor activities popular in the area, and people head to the lakes and rivers often for the weekends. Also the coast is less than 3 hours away. The metropolitan area is quite widespread, and mass transit is not very developed, as it has been common for most residents to drive.

    The culture is largely influenced by a predominant hispanic population, but San Antonio also has strong roots in German, Czech, and a broad variety of cultures. There is a nice blending of the cultures in the city, and we have a festival annually celebrating all the cultures which were part of the development of Texas.

    There are many great neighborhoods, and the city is developing rapidly, with the greatest growth being in the north, northeast and northwest areas of the city. Downtown has some condos, and lofts and a few apartments, and there are a few homes, especially in the King William Historic District, but there is limited gorcery, and other shopping as for many years the main developments in the area have been focused on business or tourism. This is changing, but I think it will be a while before true downtown urban living is normal in the city. There is a new development beginning in the northwest part of the city, in the La Cantera area, where there will be condos over the stores in the newly developing shopping district. This is also one of the nicest areas of the city, with excellent shopping, and restaurants withing close proximity. Another area with good restaurants and shopping, which also is very nice is the Stone Oak/Sonterra area, which has apartments, homes and condos.

    The San Antonio Rodeo is one of the best in the US, and has been awarded the best large indoor rodeo for the last 3 years. Also in the area are many small towns which have their own local rodeos. There are some nice country music venues in the city, and the area features Floores Country Store (where I used to go see Willie Nelson for $1) and Grune Hall, where many area talents are seen.

    There are places and activities for singles. As you can imagine, a metroplex of 2 million people will have a lot of singles. However, I will also admit that San Antonio is a lot like a small town, where family and friends are the center of many activities. However, my wife used to publish a magazine for singles in the city and she never lacked for activities for the single people to occupy themselves.

    Hope this information helps!

    Source(s): SA Native
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    Dude is so wrong about San Antonio. We have a great singles scene. We have many colleges and universities. Where do you think they hang out? 1604 is a very popular strip in the Stone Oak area between 281 and Huebner. Lots of clubs where young people hang. There is a new development on 281 and 1604 that is fast becoming popular where many new apartments are being built, there are many stores and even a 4 grocery stores in walking distance inclusive of two health food stores. There are bicycle paths in this area as well. At one time Austin was the "it" place to be for young folk as it is where University of Texas is located, but San Antonio is so multicultural and diverse with so many more museums, theaters, a zoo, nightclubs, entertainment areas like six flags and seaworld, cool river and lakes nearby for camping, and a ton of activities every weekend plus even during the week. I know my 23 year old son loves it as does my 17 and 19 year olds, and although they both head out to Austin, they say that they wouldn't live there and it sure isn't because of me or I'd see them a heck of a lot more often. They just have so much to see and do here in our own city. OH and as far as going out alone, heck, if it bothers you you can always say you were waiting for a friend but apparently he or she didn't show up and still enjoy a great eve because you will meet a ton of folk. I go out and meet friends all the time. Some times they show, sometimes they don't and when they don't I always make new friends or see someone I know because that is just the kind of city we are.

    Source(s): lived in San Antonio from 1977-1987 and 1995- now. Have 3 great sons who never seem to be limited as to what to do or how to get there.
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    I grew up here then moved to Dallas for a few years then relocated back here. The city is still nice but definitely going through some growing pains. The traffic is bad b/c of construction everywhere. I agree with others, the nightlife here is not great compared to other towns but it's also not bad. Plus, you can party up in Austin which is only an hour away. The cost of living is incredibly cheap!!! There are tons of things to do but again we're not a huge cosmopolitan city like a San Fran, NYC, LA or even Dallas or Phoenix. Best places to live depends on what you want. I think the Northeast corridor is terribly overrated. The Northwest side is nice but kinda boring. You could move there when you have a family and kids to raise. I would suggest for a young person to live just north of downtown or around the Medical Center area. Plenty of jobs and plenty of places to see.

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    San Antonio is a large growing city. If you are wanting to live Downtown it is your choice most people choose to commute to it though. Not much down there. As for the nice areas stay the far North East side, North Central, And North West Side of Bexar County.

    Walking into and out of large area's with shopping and all that. It is nearly un-heard of here except in a very few area's. We are a very spread out city. But as for walking the Northside of San Antonio is Primo for it. With walking trails, bike trails and likes everywhere. So you do have that going for the city.

    Coutry music, rodeos and the likes. It's Texas it would be if we didn't have it. We have Cowboy's the largest Country Western Dance Bar in South Texas. It is a wonderful place to meet singles on Ladie's nights and with so many places having ladies nights in and around town it isn't too hard.

    As long as you have friends to go with. I don't go out alone and all my friends where Miltary wifes so I don't get out much anymore they are all gone. As for anything else. I can help you as much as you want if you want to add me to a friend list or anything. This is a great city and lovely place to be. I love it and so do most people i know.

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    Hey people....we still exist down here on the Southside...I know there are some rough areas over here, but what about,Brooks City base or King William or the NATURAL part of the San Antonio river off of Military know, where people can jog and bike in peace without having to worry about drunken tourists--Man!!-- give us a brake!...and don't forget about the West and Eastsides...Don't be such elitists.

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    downtown living is great. Its a mixture of artists, young professionals etc...... right now there is a big revitalization going on in the Blue Star Arts Complex area and on South Flores Street downtown. Condo's, lofts, older victorian homes just waiting to be bought and renovated, Trendy art galleries, restaurants, bars etc.......a mixture of hispanics, whites and blacks live in our city in pretty good harmony. San Antonio loves to party and every month there is some kind of major event going on. We have the Final Four basketball games coming in a few days and of course Fiesta a 2 week event that the entire city looks forward to each year. If you are looking for a trendy, artsy area go downtown and south of downtown. You will love it!

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    Move to Austin, TX it's 57 miles away from San Antonio. And if you want to live "in the thick of the action" downtown Austin is really the place to be. Austin is the Live Music Capital of the World, and of course the capital of Texas. Austin's downtown residential real estate is booming. There is something for everyone and every budget. There is restaurants, independent music (record) shops, live music every night, coffee shops, bookstores, and it is a young atmosphere but a very good mixture of people.

    Austin is just plain beautiful. It's growing faster than San Antonio because people are realizing what a great place it really is here.

    San Antonio is a big yawn. Yes they have a man made river running through it that stinks like garbage. Downtown is SOOOOOOOO BORING!!!!!!! I promise you it is. It's not a downtown. Nothing changes, there is NOTHING TO DO. The city is council is stuck in the past. The only loud music down there is from the night clubs and mariachis at the restaurants. No, country music scene. The city doesn't care at all about it's residents, it cares about the tourists. They do have there nice parts but not like you're looking for. The North East North and Northwest sides are the best parts of the city. But like I said, there isn't enough emphasis on local businesses, it's all taken out by big chains. Another thing, 90% of San Antonio is SUPER conservative. They build something modern and colorful and people and bi*ch about it. The city is trying to segregate the residents rich with rich and poor with poor.

    Stay away from San Antonio.

    Source(s): San Antonio Native :-( Austin Resident :-)
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    check out neighborhoodsapts/townhomes around Medical Center/DeZavala Rd/Huebner Rd [pronounced Heebner]/Wurzbach [werzbock] area - awesome town - moved here from Boston

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    Check out the medical center area...........

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