I gave a girl I like a note...?

I have sat by her for months in sociology class in university. I had a crush on her from day one. I wrote her a note on Tuesday, it said i thought she was cute and stuff. On Thursday when I saw her again, she did not say one word to me, I know she read it. Then, she left class early. Why?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    I once did the same... She didn't say anything because honestly, she doesn't know what to say to you or about the note because she might not immediately feel anything towards you and she doesn't want to say anything that could possibly hurt your feelings. Based on personal experience, do not write another one until you've had a conversation of some sort and broken the tension, otherwise she'll keep trying to avoid confrontation and she will really want you to back off and give her space... Notes can be powerful, but they complicate situations (believe me, I learned the hard way) and if you want to get closer to her, you won't do it through ink... Writing notes makes it easier to communicate things you're not so confident about saying in person, but you need to try to talk to her and see how it goes, and should you write her any more notes, follow them up in person (DO NOT ask her what she thinks about the note), just talk to her, knowing she knows what's up, thanks to the note, then just try to make it work for you- you know the usual drill, smile, be nice, compliment her, just try to be funny and make her smile. Don't expect her to reply to your notes or say anything about them because as I said, she really can't figure out what to say and she herself is afraid of finding herself in an awkward situation, that's why she's avoiding confrontation by leaving class early. Please get on good talking terms with her, break the ice then try to work from there, notes or whatever you please. Man, I know this is a lot, but I can thoroughly relate to your situation because I've been there and I really hope this helped.

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    either you freaked her out or you're not her type. take a hint :)

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