Why does everyone hate Cowboys fans?

ive noticed ((as a cowboys fan of course))... that our fan base is hated.. alot!!!! Honest answers please!!! Thanks!!


I live in west tx... and Im not a redneck!!!

Update 2:

I have shocked alot of guys b/c I can carry a conversation about football and the 'Boys.. and Im not a bandwagon fan.. i was a fan when they pulled a miami and went 1-15... ((i was still a kid tho)).. when we'd go 5-11.. had crappy qb's... q. carter... ryan leaf.. craptacular coaches like Dave Crapo..

Update 3:

Actually.. both my parents are from "spanish" decent... n if u must know I live in El Paso TX!!

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    Dallas, since the late 60's, have been winners. It's as American to hate them as hating the Baseball Yankees. Besides, hating the Cowboys takes these East Coasters enough of a reason to not answer for New England spying on people. Dallas, the Yankees, and Jeff Gordon. No real reason, other than the teams they like are either impotent, lose to the Cowboys, or cheat.

    Kudos to those who don't generalize, it shows you have brains. "All Cowboys fans are rednecks" great show of intelligence, there. I'm a Cowboys fan foremost, but I'm a football fan above all. I've acknowledged Darrell Green as great, Joe Theismann, Doug Williams, Charles Mann, Stephen Davis, Earnest Byner, Art Monk, and Timmy Smith as great ones. Strahan will go down in history, and props to Eli for stepping from his brother's shadow. McNabb needs a receiver, and he'll go places....now, for all you 'Skins, Pats, Giants, and Eagles' fans...try to tell me that Dallas fans aren't humble.

    Awesome comment to the whole "bandwagon" original. Frank Gifford used to talk about winning band wagoners in the 50's....Dallas was not a team until 1960! Guess what team is the original "bandwagoner"......New York Giants!

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    A lot of it is self inflicted.

    No..I don't buy into the whole fanbase being rednecks......

    But even in those years from 95 til Romo...all you heard from Dallas fans is how they are the best...even when the record shows they weren't, and honestly, still aren't.

    Got no problem with people supporting their team, or being proud even when they are down..... I hate fan arrogance.

    Buckeye fans are known for it. SEC fans are. And Dallas and Steeler fans are the epitome of it in the NFL. Apparently, your crap never stinks. And then add into the Texas belief that everything is bigger and better in the Lone Star St., and it just kinda comes natural.

    The arrogance of the whole "America's Team" thing doesn't help, either.

    BUT...as you know, my friend..I may not like your team, but I judge the fans individually. You and Lemony and a few others are OK, even if you can occasionally be a tad delusional about how good your team or players are.

    But don't feel too bad... there is a vocal group of Colts and Patriot fans out there that are becoming even more hated than the Cowboys. So...maybe someday you wont root for the most hated franchise in the NFL.

    It also probably doesn't help that Dallas was the original Bandwagon NFL team, either.

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    u ask for a honest answer and u get offended when people answer u honsetly??

    make up ur mind lady

    and ur not the only chic that can carry on a converstaion about football.. me and a few of my chic friends watch more football than our guy friends!!

    and the reason no one like yall b/c yall are cocky!!


    by calling yourselves america's team


    by thinking that yall have the best offesnse that everyone else


    by thinking yall are better than everyone else


    yall get angry at the officials alot when they call pentalties against yall


    by treating other peoples fans badly


    by having a star for a mascot when yall are cowboys... why dont yall have a cowbay on yall's helmet?? ohh thats right, cuz yall are douchebags!!


    yall have the most OVER RATED QB EVER!!


    u love to tell people how many superbowl that yall won... but that was how long ago??


    yall have this stadium with a retractable roof that yall like to brag about, but the funny thing is... it's always open!

    and 10th:

    cuz its the COWBOYS!! no one likes a team that is constantly being talked about!!

    btw i dont think ppl realy hate the fans.. just more like the cowboys in general!!

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    when i went to prep school, one of my teachers was a texan dallas fan. the guy was always talking about cowboy history and how many superbowls they have. it got kind of annoying, but for me being a giants fan its just rivalry. i think cowboys fans know when to give credit where its due, and i respect it. i remember when the g men beat Dallas in the playoffs, every cowboy fan was congratulating the giants saying they deserved it, but when the giants beat the packers and the pats, those faans were saying it was luck and being stubborn and the whole 9. i think pariots fans showed how bad they can really be this past season. i actually enjoy watching giats vs cowboys. the cowboys pulled away during the season ames but it was still entertaining. i love when the giants play the eagles or the boys. now thats football! that division will be dangerous next year

    Source(s): besides, when you call yourself Americas team, people dont like that hey lets watch the name calling, city slicker? lets not go there
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  • I think we are stereotyped as being bandwagon jumpers; just because the team had had so much success. I'm certain there are many obnoxious Dallas fans. But doesn't every team have good fans, and bad fans? The whole "America's Team" thing was actually started by NFL Films. The media ran off with it. The fact so many people hate the Cowboys is partly due to the fact they feel they are supposed to. Their success makes it easy to hate them. That's why there isn't so much hatred against (this is just an example) the Jacksonville Jaguars.

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    I have a cuzin who is a huge dallas fan, a brother in law whos a huge giants fan, and me a Philly fan. And you are right, we seem to gang up on Dallas. Why? I think cowboys fans find the slightest things to brag about: oh were the best in the nfc, oh we have a record # of probowlers, oh our offense is top 3 in the league, oh we have the most super bowls, oh we have so an so hall of famers. It gets to the point where u kind of seem to hate the fans. But i dont mind all ya braggin when in the playoffs, u cant brag at all. Regular season is all fun and games, playoffs is what matters.

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    I'm a cowboy fan and I live in Illinois. I have never lived in Texas so i can in no way be considered a redneck. I have been a fan since the last 80's by default of my ex-husband. I have also noticed that cowboy fans are few and far between where I live. If they are hated so much; why are they america's team. Hmmm i wonder.

    I also call them the boys- "how are my boys doing" Yes indeed i am a cowboy fan.

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    Not so much as the Patriots. I think they take the title as most hated, but Jerry Jones is ego loving owner, you guys pick up T.O. and now want PacMan jones, you sign Tank Johnson. I think all those years after the triplets broke up you guys went thru a dry spell and flew below the hate radar. Last season coupled with you offseason moves has put you back in the hated seat right next to the patriots.

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    Honestly, I can't stand Dallas fans for the simple fact that all you ever hear out of 99.9% of them is "Dallas this, Dallas that, blah blah blah Dallas" and it gets annoying REALLY quick. For the love of God, there are 31 other teams in the NFL, try talking about them some time. I don't know if you are one of these types or not but I understand loyalty and excitement about your team but not everybody wants to listen to a 4 hour lecture about how great your team's history is and how good they're going to do this season. It's amazing how a team that is so hated can honestly label itself "America's Team". Once again, no offense... this was just my honest opinion.

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    I don't know Cowboys fan seem to have a bit of arrogance about themselves, kind of like Yankee fans in Ny. I think you seem like a sweetheart but I am a fan of the G- Men ( division rival baby) and I like the New Orleans Saints too ( they just really need a defense)

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