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I live in Ohio and my husbands ex-wife was court ordered to pay child support and hasn't paid a dime!?

The court order is in Hocking county. They basically told us all they would do is take her drivers license. Is this true? Is there any way that we can receive the money that we desperately need?

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    I work in Hocking Co (in Logan) and I know a lot of divorced couples and I've never heard such a thing. She will actually get jail time if she gets that far behind. You need to talk to somebody at the courthouse that is in the Child Support enforcement department because this is illegal and I KNOW the Hocking County judge is a real mean *** and he wouldn't stand for this at all.

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    Does your state not have a Department of Child Support Services?

    I am in California and in California when someone violates a court order they are in contempt. Bring a contempt charge against this person. If she doesn't show up in court, a warrant is issue for her arrest. If she does show up in court she will have to explain why she hasn't paid and not having money is not even close to being a good excuse as her finances were explored by the court prior to the order and the court deemed her able to pay the amount. She pays or she goes to jail and, if the judge so chooses, both.

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    I live in Ohio. My ex-bf and I have a child, I made him leave the house because he refuses to work. Now, present day. He is to pay throught the Child Support system, 4 years ago I made my Child Support case worker take him to court for not paying child support. It was only 1800.00 in rears. She wasn't happy with me but, there is no reason not to pay. You have to right to request a court hearing for this. That is the child money. Now when he looses a job or quits a job he have to fill out papers and file them with Child Support. If he fails to do that, he will go to jail. I have heard of several people going to jail for non payment of child support. You must get that person in court.

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    the visitation right is for the kids benefit, so you are wording it wrong too begin with the mom is too let the child meet the dad, but she cant force her against her will, then you need too go and settle it in court again and figure a solution everyone is happy with this does not make the dad go free of paying child suport, the child suport is his responsibility in fending for a child he brougth too the world, they go too the child not the mom, and even those not awarded visitation rigths must pay child suport as long as parental rigths and responsibilities havent been terminated this is about the childs best, and the mom may need the money too fend for the child, those money were awarded the child, if he had an issue with her breaking the visitation rigth he had he need too go too the court, but that does not mean he can stop feeding and housing his child paying his share for a child he helped bring into the world if she got a good enough lawyer who knows where it will go, two wrongs dont make a right

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    Get it registered with the Office of the Attorney General.

    Call your local office. Don't pay for a lawyer or debt collector.

    You will fill out forms and they can garnish her wages with interest. They can also confiscate her Tax refund and give it to you.

    My wife's ex owed nearly $50,000 and once she registered it they took over and they make him pay the amount of the court order and extra to make up the back support.

    She gets it paid into bank account twice a month.

    He will have to keep paying until he pays off every cent.

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    If she is working you can garnish her wages. The court will have a simple form for you to fill out. You will havde to have someone serve her employer.

    If she is not working you could file and go back to court. The judge could try to make her work. That is pretty ugly.

    Join the club. I married my wife when her son was 8. Never saw a penny of child support.

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    Try child support enforcement agency. They investigate, cut you a check up front, and then collect from her.

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    It is up to your husband, not YOU to take the initiative to talk with his lawyer about what HE needs to do next to get the child support due to the CHILDREN

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    Contact your support enforcement office.

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    if she has to pay through the clerk of the circuit court, they will garnishee her wages and send the money to you.

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