Racism? -- Is it possible (or Politically Correct) for anyone who isn't "white" to be considered "Racist"?

I can't count how many times I've encountered "racism" towards myself from people who are not white, just because I am white.

By racism, I mean that I've been called "cracker", "honkey", "Gringo", and "Round-Eye". I've been snubbed, ignored, and generally treated like a lesser person because I've been "the token white guy" in a group of predominately "non-white" people (i.e. African Americans, Latinos, and/or Asian-Americans). I have a pretty diverse group of friends.

I've read countless posts on here where a white person (or white people) in general are freely called racist.

However, whenever I see questions that are about someone who isn't white being predjudice or racist against another culture (not their own), I see it called being "Close-minded" or "Traditional". However, I never see them being called "Racist".

So, I sincerely would like to know...

Are white people the only people it is "Politically Correct" to call Racist?

What are your thoughts, and why?


I'm sorry but I have to disagree with both "SEETHEWORLD" and "TORRIE".

I'm a white, heterosexual, christian, male.

It is impossible to have a "Hate Crime" committed against me. So even if a minority group where to stand around me beating me to death, while using racial slurs (calling me "whitey" or "honkey" or any other slur), stating that they hate me because I'm white, they couldn't be tried for comitting a "Hate Crime" against me.

Affirmative Action (also sometimes referred to as "reverse discrimination") has been used to hold down white males who may be more qualified and have greater seniority, solely for the purpose of "meeting quotas". It is a law that was instituted more than 30 years before I ever started earning a living. My Grandfather, My Father, My Brother, and Myself (3 Generations) have all been the victim of Affirmative Action at some point or another, some of us on more than one occasion.

I'm not rich.

Update 2:

I've never been given any "special treatment" from an employer, school, government agency, or financial institution based upon the fact that I am white.

I don't control/rule the world.

I am not predjudice and/or racist. I certainly have NEVER tried to hold any minority groups down, at least that I'm aware of.

I have a sister who is 1/2 black, 1/2 white.

I was recently the Best Man for a friend of mine who is a black lesbian (a minority within a minority).

My wife is the result of a "mixed race" marriage.

I'm not trying to "whine" or gain anyone's sympathy.

I'm just trying to state facts and the truth at least from a non-racist white person's perspective.

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    racism exists everywhere there are humans.

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    If you focus and insist on accuracy, you will be accused of being too "Politically Correct". That's ok. Shrug it off when it happens and move on with your life. Political Correctness is only lame when it is inaccurate. So, yes. If you correctly and accurately describe a non-white as racist, someone is bound to say that you are not politically correct. But the fault is in them, not you.

    Implicit in your question is a second question: Is it possible for a non-white to be racist? Of course it is. Racism is simply the belief that one race is inherently superior to another. Such as a belief like "Asians are smarter than Whites." But there are differences, depending on the cultural environment.

    If a member of the majority is racist, that can be more harmful than if a member of a minority is racist. Think about it... If 10 white guys were in a room with 1 black guy, and the black guy thought he was better because of his race, the others would probably just laugh. But if a few of the white guys thought they were better and the rest of the white guys were not interested one way or the other, the black guy would be in a pretty bad situation. So, because the potential for harm is greater when racism is focused on a minority, there is logically a lot more concern about that type of racism. And, some people may see the acknowledgment of other "less important" forms of racism as a distraction.

    Of course, if you are in a classroom or some other place where there are few whites among many people of another race, you are just suffering the reality of being in a minority group... It's probably not always fun, but you are also probably gaining a lot of insight into what some minorities have to go through their entire lives.

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    Whites are the only ones who can be called racist because the media has perpetuated a culture of 'white guilt', they have convinced everyone that we have had it so good, and treated every other race so poorly, that we now have to be apologetic in our behaviour towards other races forever (although it's not true,look at how the Irish and Italians were treated at the turn of the century in America). This attitude will eventually lead to the mongrelization of the white race, and the downfall of America. Now, surely that statement will get me labeled as a racist, but if you look at history, every culture that has allowed race-mixing has eventually collapsed. Their ARE differences between the races, especially cultural ones, and we were meant to be seperated, that's why each race originated in a different part of the world. This 'global society' is a relatively new idea, and one that will lead to our downfall. And by our, I mean everyone, not just whites. Black are better off in a society of all blacks, hispanics and asians are too, and everyone is better off with no jews around. Louis Farrakahn can say the same thing without any fears of being called a racist, because he is black. Can you imagine what would happen if you started a 'National Association for the Advancement of White People' or the 'White Anti-Defimation League', what about opening a 'European American Cultural Center' none of these would be met with anything other than cries of racism.

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    How is that not politically correct? I'm black, and I don't care one way or the other. I'd rather be called "black" than "African American". I was born in California. I'm not from Africa. I'm just an American who happens to be black. To me, a suitable term for my race is "black". I don't know. Some people are just too sensitive when it comes to small stuff like this.

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    It is very possible for non-Whites to be racist. Just look at Barack Obama's pastor. But it is not politically correct to call them racist. The Black leadership that came after Martin Luther King has encouraged racism within the Black community to maintain their political control over the Black population. I am talking about men like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton.

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    Politically correct? Yes.

    Anyone can say anything they want as long as their not white, but let a white person express their feelings, and they will be bombarded by the non-white racists in this country.

    Any other race can call a white person anything they want without ramification, but if a white person uses a term that can be considered racist, they can be sued.

    This double standard has existed for years, and is getting worse all of the time.

    As far as whether non-white people are racist, the answer is yes. In fact, it seems there are more non-white people who are racist than there are white people that are racist.

    How many 'White Power' t-shirts have you ever seen compared to 'Black Power' or 'Chicano Power' t-shirts?

    Anyone wearing a t-shirt that said 'White Power' would be accused of being a racist, a Nazi, a KKK member, or any other number of absurd accusations.

    But a black or Mexican wearing a 'Black Power' or 'Chicano Power' t-shirt is said to be proud of their heritage.

    Muslims, Indians, Iranians and others are free to wear turbans or other articles of clothing that express their religion or heritage without condemnation, but if a white male wears a cowboy hat or even just western style boots, he's instantly accused of being a redneck and a racist.

    Let's face it, white American's have been so worried about becoming politically correct and bending over backward to keep other nationalities happy, now we're bending over forward for them (think about that a few minutes if you don't understand what I mean).

    Source(s): Sick and tired of our government giving away our country.
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    I'm indian and grew up in a predominantly white area, where I never encountered a racist comment made against me. After graduating i moving to a more urban environment with many different races of people. Since then i have had racist remarks made against me and indians in general from blacks, chinese, and others. i've been told to go back to mexico among various other comments. so to answer your question, anyone can be racist, including indians, all you have to do is have hate in your heart and treat people with disrespect. and i also believe that you don't have to be a minority to encounter racism yourself, sounds like you've been a victim of reverse-racism.

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    ∞Seetheworld and Torrie {The Evil B!_CH} are both idiots. The idea that black people didn't "invent" racism means that can't be racist. Well I ask you this question. Do black people own airplanes, do they own computers. These were invited by white people. So i guess by your definition you can only use planes and computer but never own them. Don't make me laugh you idiots.

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    politically speaking, any human being can be called a racist. however, in our culture the majority or people labeled as racists are indeed white. For obvious reasons, this is because of u.s. history when blacks were slaves and white people tended to be the only people who were actually racists against blacks. i guess this has just carried on into our modern culture because i have very rarely heard anyone other than a white person called a racist. a good example was last night on america's next top model.. (idk if anyone saw this) a mixed girl (dominique) randomly called a white girl (whitney) a racist. this was stupid because their arguement had NOTHING to do with race, it simply had to do with two different view points on a completely different subject (telephone calls) because the mixed girl had different views from the white girl, she called her "racist". i think people from other races find it easier to call whites racists simply because of the u.s.'s past. in many ways we are taken advantage of.

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    yes. Because black people think that they should have the right to be racist cause of slavery. You know, that thing that happened hundreds of years ago and the aftershocks of which are no longer being felt, and even though black people don't get that they can do or say anything in this country and get a god damn scholarship for it just for being black.

    The only other person its ok to call racist is Obama, because hes a racist anti-American

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    If you look up racism it does not have a particular race listed. It is exactly what it sounds like. I have met racists who happen to be black,latino or asian as well as white. I despise political correctness because it means nothing.

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