Does anyone know the Artist of The Day,Deans Dairy,Taylor Swift Code word and Nascar Rewards for March 28,2008

Champions On Feb. 25, 1964, Cassicus Clay shocked the odds makers by beating the World Heavyweight Boxing Championship, Sonny Liston in the seventh round by technical knockout. How old was Cassicus at the time? - A(22),Country Music Trivia Alabama is a Grammy Award-winning country music band. Alabama’s “Pass it on Down” was released in what year (numerical)? - 1990 - Source,E... In 1935, the possibility of RADAR was demonstrated to Air Ministry officials in England by Robert Watson-Watt. What does the acronym RADAR stand for? - a) RAdio Detection And Ranging,Famous Firsts Former President Abraham Lincoln was the one responsible for declaring Thanksgiving a U.S. National holiday. He was also the first President to “pardon” a turkey from being killed on Thanksgiving. What was the name that Lincoln gave to the spared turkey? - A) Jack


Go RVing Trivia Have you ever been interested in RVing? Go RVing makes it very easy to find out all about it. For 2500 Points: By filling out the form you get a Free WHAT? - Video,SpiralFrog Trivia Keep track of the Hottest Downloads on! For 2500 Points: What can you win $5,000 worth in Ticketmaster Gift Cards? - Concert Tix,Villains of the Silver Screen In the 1999 movie, End of Days, Satan (Gabriel Byrne) pays a visit to New York City in search of a bride (Robin Tunney). If the devil bears her child between 11: PM and midnight on New Year’s Eve of the new millinium, then the world will end. If the devil does not mate by midnight, what happens to him? - A) He has to wait another thousand years.

Update 2:

Previous trivia answers for Thursday March 272,008(Thursday) - Champions Previous Answer: c) 3 FYI: Cassicus Clay, later renamed Muhammad Ali, was nicknamed the “Louisville Lip.”,Country Music Trivia Previous Answer:1,Extraordinary Previous Answer: a) Freedom of religion, press, and expression,Famous Firsts Previous Answer:c) Macadamia FYI: Lincoln had a son named Tad who kept a turkey as a pet.,Villains of the Silver Screen Previous Answer:b) “…is never having to say you’re sorry.”

Update 3:

Artist of the Day Listen to the US99.5 Morning Show for the Artist of the Day Code and enter it here for 5,000 bonus points! Congratulations!

You received 5000 Points - Garth Brooks,Taylor Swift Code of the Day Listen to Bill Garcia each week night at approximately 8:45 p.m. for the Taylor Swift Code Word of the Day. Enter it here to win 25,000 points - Oprah Winfrey

Update 4:

Dean's Dairy Code of the Day Listen for the Dean's Dairy Code of the Day for 5,000 bonus points. - Sou worked for points - Thank you goes out to Chillyone for his listen and win and trivia answers.Just a word about zillybookreader - the input provided helps everyone - let's all make zilly feel welcome and stop leaving negative comments!

Update 5:

Thank you also goes out to etiegs2 for comfirmation of the trivia answers for Friday March 28,2008.

Update 6:

Abother big thank you to Zillybookreader for providing the listen and win codes as well as trivia answers and Sherri V.Have a great Friday everyone!

Update 7:

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Update 8:

Nascar Rewards Code of the Day

Listen to Drew Walker at approximately 6:20 p.m. every weekday evening for the NASCAR Rewards Code of the Day for the chance to earn 5000 Rewards points! - Martinsville works for 5,000 Points!

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    1 decade ago
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    ARTIST------------------------GARY ALLAN

    DEANS------------------------SOUR CREAM

    TAYLOR-----------------------OPRAH WINFREY




    FAMOUS FIRSTS----------A




    R VING-------------------------FREE GO R VING VIDEO

    SLEUTH-----------------------CIRCLE WORKS FOR RADIO



  • 1 decade ago

    Artist- Gar

    Deans - Sou

    Nascar - E

    Taylor - Opr

    All Access 48 - Ach

    Champions - A

    Country - 1990

    Extraordinary - A

    Famous Firsts - A

    Go RVing - Newsletter or Free RVing Video

    SpiralFrog -A year's worth of Concert Tix

    Villains - A



  • 1 decade ago

    Good Morning, HAPPY FRIDAY!!!!!!!!!

    Artist- Garth Brooks

    Deans - Sour Cream

    Nascar - Aero Push

    Taylor - Oprah

    Champions - A

    Country - 1990

    Extraordinary - A

    Famous Firsts - A

    Go RVing - Newsletter or Free RVing Video

    SpiralFrog -A year's worth of Concert Tix

    Villains - A

  • 1 decade ago

    Word = dancing

    Champions - A

    Country - 1990

    Extraordinary - A

    Famous Firsts - A

    Go RVing - Newsletter or Free RVing Video

    SpiralFrog -A year's worth of Concert Tix

    Villains - A

    Thank you have a great day and weekend

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  • 1 decade ago

    Sleuth - Circle

    Artist/Deans/Swift/Access/Trivia - GarSouOprAch990ECir

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago





    Hot music- Greetings From Asbury Park, NJ (the track)

    Hot music-

    Spiral frog- A year's worth of concert tickets

    Go RVing Trivia--------------Video - Zip

    SLEUTH.- Circle

    Keywords- 99.5 (

    Keyword- 107.9 (

    I was slacking...don't know the keywords. bummer


  • 1 decade ago

    Country Videos on Demand trivia:

    In the Kenny Chesney video for "Shiftwork" what color boat does Kenny take a ride in?

    Answer - White

    Good luck everyone!

  • zilly
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    1 decade ago

    us99 codes and trivia answers for 3-28-08

    Artist of the day...GARY ALLAN

    Dean’s dairy code of the day...SOUR CREAM

    Taylor Swift code word of the day...OPRAH WINFREY

    Nascar Rewards code...MARTINSVILLE

    Champions trivia answer…A) 22

    Country Music trivia answer..1990

    Extraordinary Trivia answer...A) RADIO DETECTION AND RANGING

    Famous Firsts trivia answer…A) JACK

    Go RVing trivia...VIDEO

    Hot Jobs trivia answer...

    Sleuth trivia answer...CIRCLE


    Villains of the Silver Screen trivia…A) HE HAS TO WAIT ANOTHER THOUSAND YEARS.


    TGIF--I didn't think I was going to make it this week.

    Good morning to all my cyber buddies, you really made my day with all the well wishes and positive feedback and comments, today and yesterday. I really felt a group hug in action.

    Thanks again, it was very much appreciated.

  • 1 decade ago

    Thank-you! TGIF Thank Goodness It's Friday!

  • 1 decade ago

    Sleuth Trivia = CIRCLE

    Thanks for all the help and have a great weekend everyone!

    Source(s): Pg 3 of Prizes Under: MONOPOLY 1935
  • 1 decade ago

    artist of the day is Gary Allen

    Deans Dairy code is sour cream

    NASCAR rewards code is Martinsville

    Source(s): radio
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