Advice on buying a high quality set of Chefs knives?

I'm looking to buy a high quality set of Chefs knives for someone who is of a professional Chef standard. I'd like some advice on what I should look for and if any Chefs out there have any recommendations?

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    While i personally don't believe in either buying knives for people or in buying sets; there are four possibilities -all of which I own several samples of

    Wustof Classic Forged Series or The GrandPrix II Forged Series

    Henckels either the Professional or the Twin 4 star .Note be really careful when buying Henckels knives they make some great stuff and they makes some real junk

    Messerneister San Moritz Elite and Meridan Series

    Note These knives are available at restaurant supply stores as are the Dicks listed below

    F.Dick knives

    In all cases these are full tang forged knives made out of a stainless/carbon steel combination

    Know going into this that knife prices can be highly competitive so do shop around first

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    High quality chef's knives are an excellent gift without a doubt. The difference between professional quality knives and "department store" knives is unbelievable - both from out-of-box sharpness and edge retention.

    Basically, kitchen cutlery can be split into two basic groups: stamped and forged. Stamped knives are built for a market which is more price conscious (and typically used in professional kitchens as they are lighted, less expensive, and can be safely dishwashed and come in anti-microbial versions). These knives are stamped (think cut out with a huge cookie cutter) from a single piece of high carbon stainless steel, heat treated, tempered, ground, sharpened, polished and have handles added.

    Forged knives are built for the high end user and those who desire the finer things. These knives are made through a process of heat treating and moulding (forging). This process results in a denser, harder knife which aids in edge retention. Further, these knives are more balanced and aesthetically appealing (albeit a bit heavier.)

    Based upon what you are looking for I would go with a forged set. RH Forschner produces knives which have received numerous awards for the quality they provide for the price. Here is a link to some:


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    Personally I stick to global knives. They are pretty expensive but It's the only kitchen knife I know that can cut through a piece of paper without any resistance. There's a few even more expensive japanese brands that are even better but global is very good already. furthermore they are also the only kitchen knives I know that are that well balanced. you can literally balance the blade and handle against each other on the tip on your finger just like a throwing knife. If you are going to buy a set of knives maybe fork out a few extra quid for a knife block or a knife sack. descent knives need proper storage not just to be roughed around in your kitchen drawer.

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    You can't go much wrong with a set of Global Knives. I think there's an 8 piece set available for just over £200 on

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    A good kitchen knife is made from one piece of metal. It forms both the blade and the handle continuously. The handle is then covered to make it comfortable in the hand.

    Sebatier do fantastic knives I have owned a set for 22 years given as a wedding present.

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    A good set of High Carbon Stainless Steel knives will do the trick. The do not have to be the most expensive. Faberware is good. Wolfgang Puck has good knives. Martha Stewart does also.

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    all depends on that chef, some like the way a knife feels in the hand,weight , what the handle is made off, they is a lot to take into account when buying these,

    kershaw do a good set for about 70 UK pounds

    but they are many makes and styles to pick from,

    try and see what set they are using now and if they like them to give you a better idea

    regards x kitti x

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    1 decade ago

    Furi knives are great, as are Wusthof. I wouldn't buy cheaper knives for a professional chef.

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    A good knife should be well balanced, if you can place the knife - where the blade and handle meet - on your index finger, it should remain steady. Sabatier knives are excellent I'm still using mine after xx years and they are sowing no signs of giving up

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