Do you ever wonder if you are 'where youre meant to be'.....?

I dont mean this era .or this generation....

but more 'this house'

'this city'

this country'

this ?....

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  • 1 decade ago
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    but I accept that where I am is where I am meant to be.

    Because there's no reason why you would be where you're not meant to be.

    Unless you made a decision that made you end up where you are instead of where you should be.

    But then again, even if a wrong decision ended up in your being in this place... it is still the place where you are meant to be. Our mistakes are as important and real as our victories.

    You may occasionally think you are meant to be in a house somewhere else in a different part of the world. You think you understand what a different culture would be like and that you're 'meant to be there'. But the truth is you can only look at the world from your perspective in your house in your country. And that's why you're there and not in Khartoum, Shanghai or Montevideo.

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  • 1 decade ago

    No, I am where God put me because there was a point in my life two or more decades ago when I handed everything over to Him. It was by my own decision, no one else but me. Not even God made that decision. Just me.

    So now I find myself where God has put me, for one reason or another I am here because God allowed it to be by His grace. It was my decision to give my soul to Him, so I never wonder about that, but I do find it wondrous to be where I am. Many others would shiver at the condition and place where I am, but I find it awesome that I have what I do, because I've been where the good people of planet earth would not want to be. So I see the value of what I have, and where I am. I don't wonder at all, I just find it wondrous.

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  • tsai
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    3 years ago

    in no way questioned approximately how i'm gonna die. As a realist, i know that death is alot less demanding than people think of. once you die, no remember the way you die, all i know is that their is not any after soreness, as quickly as your ineffective. "then you certainly meet GOD"... Dr Checko... (Nickname)

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  • 1 decade ago

    Sure, Who doesnt?

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