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write a function absolute that returns the magnitude of a number.test your function with a program which is terminated by the sentinel 999 as shown in the following input:

sample output

enter a real number:-71.32

the absolute value is -71.320

enter a real number:65.1

the absolute value is 65.100

enter a real number:999

the absolute value is 999.000

thank for trying this program!

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    what do u mean for an "absolute value"?

    the absolute value for -71.32 is 71.32.

    for the define of absolute value is

    In mathematics, the absolute value (or modulus[1] which is Latin for a small measure) of a real number is its numerical value without regard to its sign. So, for example, 3 is the absolute value of both 3 and −3. In computer programming, the mathematical function used to perform this calculation is usually given the name abs().

    pls check following code that the absolute value had changed to above algorithms.

    #include <stdio.h>;

    #include <math.h>;

    void main( )


    float dNum1;

    for ( ; ; )


    printf( "Enter a real number : " );

    scanf( "%f", &dNum1 );

    printf( "The value is %.3f\n", dNum1 );

    printf( "The absolute value is %.3f\n\n", fabsf( dNum1 ) );

    if ( dNum1 == 999 )



    printf( "Thank for trying this program!\n" );



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