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在能源日益高漲的今日,汽車零件的輕量化成為汽車製造的趨勢,在材料減輕的情況下也需符合本身強度和安全性。本文在探討以輕金屬鋁合金、鎂合金材料之萬向接頭(Universal Joint)最佳化設計,利用Cadia繪圖軟體建立實體模型,再以有限元素法軟體ANSIS做有限元素(CAE)分析。採用田口方法計算靜力、疲勞強度、震動強度,進而找出鋁合金、鎂合金萬向接頭的最佳化設計,以不浪費材料、並且符合強度和安全性等前提下的最佳尺寸,研究結果可作為產品設計與製造的應用資料。

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    Today grows to ever greater heights which in the energy, the auto

    parts become the tendency which the automobile makes, reduces

    in the material in the situation also must conform to the itself

    intensity and the security. This article in the discussion by the

    light metal aluminum alloy, ten thousandth magnesium alloy material to

    the attachment (Universal Joint) the optimization design, uses the

    Cadia cartography software establishment full-scale mockup, again

    makes the limited element by limited element law software ANSIS (CAE)

    to analyze. Uses the field mouth method computation static, the

    fatigue strength, the vibration strength, then discovers the aluminum

    alloy, the magnesium alloy ten thousand to the attachment optimization

    design, to does not waste the material, and conforms to premise and so

    on the under intensity and security best size, the findings may take

    the product design and the manufacture application material.

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    原PO內文有錯字, 利用"CATIA"繪圖軟體建立實體模型,再以有限元素法軟體"ANSYS"做有限元素(CAE)分析。

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