Will Afrikaans ever die out as a language in South Africa?

When considering the mass emigration of Afrikaners and coloureds, the oppressive stance of the ANC government to Afrikaans as a language and culture, the fact that many Afrikaans parents choose to now educate their children through the medium of English as well as the general ignorant attitude of many Africans (reference Ayiza's historical viewpoints) towards the language how can it survive another 50 or even 100 years?


Lise - I agree.

I grew up as a "soutie" in Rustenburg (Western Transvaal) and was in my youth, a firm hater of the Afrikaans language and culture, primarily due to the beatings us souties suffered at the hands of the rural and often aggressive Afrikaners, after moving to Pretoria some 10 years ago, I subsequently met some wonderful Afrikaans speakers and even married one.

It was a mistake to jufge all Afrikaners then by the common miner mentality of Rustenburgers and their uncivilised behaviour although we were also guilty of provocation on numerous occassions.

I have grown to appreciate the language over time, although my in laws are still under the impression that I cannot speak Afrikaans when I am in fact fluent.

Update 2:

Ayiza - I never said I was British and for the record, Afrikaans and Dutch are not the same language, are you not aware of that?

Update 3:

Lise - Sies, there is nothing "wrong" with me.

Update 4:

Ayiza - I may rot in Hell but that is certainly better than decaying in the chimpanzee grave yard as is your fate.

What seed of division do you see in my question, you are obviously deluded from the years of self created persecution complexes you suffer from, thanks largely to your limited intelligence as well as backwards mentality.

As far as I recall you made an undertaking never to answer my questions again? Do you like most Africans lack the courage to follow through with your convictions or did you forget as the undertaking was made more than a day ago?

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    No it will never die out. I really hope so, it is such a beautiful descriptive language. Remember not only Whites speak Afrikaans, a lot of Sotho's in the Free state speak no English (like the Whites there) and only Afrikaans and then you get all the Coloured people in the Western Cape, most of which only speak Afrikaans. As long as there are Afrikaans speaking mothers in this country there will be afrikaans speaking children.

    ADD: Ha Ha Ha .....Bull now at last I know what is wrong with you......it seems you were also victimised by the "Boere".

  • nasser
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    3 years ago

    Will In Afrikaans

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I grew up hating Afrikaans too, for pretty much the same reasons (and I was raised Afrikaans!). But a gorgeous brown-eyed Boere-meisie taught me otherwise (pillow-talk in english just doesn't sound half as good).

    But no, I don't think it will die out any time soon, even if every last Afrikaans-speaking white leaves. The pan-africanists don't like admitting it, but there are a lot of black people who speak it quite willingly, and it has been my experience that there are many more who are quite keen on learning it. It has also been my experience that those who would squash it simply for political reasons are actually in the minority. There are just too many people speaking it now. If it does die, it will be a very slow death, not a quick one.

  • 1 decade ago

    No it will not die.

    There are schools in AUS teaching afrikaans as a second language. It may migrate to another country but it will not die.

    The best thing about the western cape is the fact that most people there speak afrikaans..apart from all the German tourists off course. Afrikaans might be oppressed but will not die.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Never!! What are 50 or a 100 years in terms of a language? Nothing! Look at the San, Khoi San. Who would have predicted that their language would still be alive today? People are interested in the language and are wanting to learn it.

    No, Afrikaans will never die out!

  • 1 decade ago

    Funny you should ask this...

    My colleague and I were wondering why in the ad industry there were no awards for ads done in black languages, and have decided to speak to the Loeries board about it as there are many brilliant ads in Veranc. We also noted that there are also awards done for Afrikaans ads, and in our agency there is always ads done in all languages, veranac all follow English.

    More balck people are worried about their black language being phased out by English. Youngsters nowadays communicate more in English than their home languages and cant speak 100% Tswana, Zulu etc unless they come from the really rural areas. Afrikaans isnt going to die out, its taught at school more than other African languages. Throughout school including high school we always had Afrikaans. I only took Zulu in high school as I'd done Afrikaans before in primary school.

    Even if you look at a lot of products, there's always English and Afrikaans instructions. There isnt much done in vernac, so I doubt Afrikaans will die out anytime soon...

  • Mary
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    4 years ago

    No, try as they might, it won't. There are way too many people still speaking Afrikaans, in SA and elsewhere in the SADC regions and it's still one of our eleven official languages.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Dit sal die dag wees...die taal is hier te bly.......Bull if you look careful, you'll realise that in reality Afrikaans si widely spoken...white people might be decreasing.....but you still have coloureds who speak it......and you have its foundations in township lingo...granted that might be diluted Afrikaans but its roots are deep.......

    The government is using English more than any other language.......but Afrikaans still comes second......I believe that Afrikaans language will never die in this country...and again.....the hype about Afrikaners having contributed towards opression more than liberation will soon fizzle out.....

    I couldn't construct two Afrikaans sentences before 1994, but I now I can have decent conversation in Afrikaans...I went out to learn it....the advantage that the Afrikaners have over English speaking people is that they are not fusy about the language.......and that's an attraction to most of us....

  • 1 decade ago

    Afrikaans as a language will never die ! Proof of this is the amount of people attending the KKNK ! Even youngsters are proud to be Afrikaans . Just look at the amount of new artists that are producing Afrikaans music .Obviously there is a growing market .

    Yes , I am sending my kids to an English school because of obvious reasons .As for Ayiza .......who cares about what he thinks ?

  • 1 decade ago

    Never I just returned form the KKNK in Oudtshoorn, so very happy because I sold everything!!! everybody spoke afrikaans there even the Black people. I saw this Black guy wearing a T-shirt " Praat Afrikaans of hou jou bek". It was so funny and he spoke beautiful afrikaans with a heavy accent!

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