How much should it cost to hire a contractor, to preasure wash my deck? How much extra to have it stained?

My deck is 338 square feet. Want know how much to have it preasure washed, and how much extra to have it stained.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    That would probably depend on where you live and how busy the contractors are.

    Pressure washing and staining are relatively simple, however, so maybe you want to do it yourself? It would be cheaper in any case.

    Try your local Ace or Home Depot and rent a pressure washer for a few hours (or borrow one from a neighbor). 338 sq ft shouldn't take that long.

    You can stain after it's dried (assuming it doesn't need sanding or repairs).

    Some good stain to try is sansin, it's expensive and difficult to get (depending on where you live) but it does a superior job, and they have some nice colors.

  • Hello,

    If I were to bid your deck, I would say $415. +/-

    $1.14 sqft to stain ( Labor-Material)

    $30 pressure wash

    also depends on stain, repairs, 2nd level access with no stairs, etc.

    look out for anyone trying to do your deck for under a $1.05sqft. chances are, they will use the cheapest stain,

    and poor quality. Most will run between $1.25-$1.50.

    I can go cheaper because 90% of my work is from referals,

    so I dont have to worry about advertising. In some area's I have seen up to $2-$3, but the customers decks were literally off the face of a cliff. Neat but wouldnt build a house there.

    Hope this helps.


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