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could a 4'9 girl ride a miniature horse ?

me and my friend were talking, and her grandpa really wants to get a miniature horse.

well i'm 4'9 and weigh about 85 lbs., and i was wondering if he got one, would i be able to ride it ? if so, would i be able to walk, trot, canter, or even jump?

[i have a 13.1hh pony now !]


thanks guys ! :]

these are really good answers!


wow. i feel like kind of an idiot for not knowing the answer to thiss :/


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    I agree with the others on this. Minis aren't really bred to be ridden; they were originally bred for pulling carts through small mining tunnels that larger draft horses could not fit into and do very well at pulling heavier items, carts, etc. They are not built or bred for Carrying heavy weights only pulling them. Hence one of the reasons you will see classes for minis for pulling carts/buggies, but not riding. I've seen people try, and I've felt so sorry for the poor horse because they clearly did not enjoy having someone on top of them who's legs almost drag on the ground. The horses would try to buck (but couldn't cause the weight was too much), have their ears pinned flat to their heads, sit, or lay down just to get rid of the person. No, please do the horse a favor and Don't ride him.

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    I agree, it's pretty insane for an adult to expect to be able to ride a miniature horse. It puts too much stress on the back, and tear the musculature protecting the spine. Carting is great because it takes the pressure of the back, but seriously if you want to ride a horse, get one appropriate for your size. If someone seriously injured their horse because they were too big to ride it, I would hope they would be brought up on charges for gross negligence and animal cruelty. Unfortunately, I don't see that happening. Here is an excerpt from a riding website I found: Junior riders, those who have not reached their 18th birthday, can show ponies. But, of course, most girls, especially, who are 14 or so have reached most of their adult height and would be a problem for a small pony to carry, or even some medium ponies. That's why, when buying a pony for a child to ride and especially to show, it is often wise to buy a bulky medium or a large pony so the child can continue to show that pony all the years until he or she is no longer a junior rider. Little kids do look cute on little ponies, but that choice should be an option only if you plan on buying new ponies each time the child outgrows one. And then there's the bonding issue to contend with; families often end up with more ponies at home or on board than they intended because they cannot bear to sell the outgrown ponies who have become family members by then, especially if the pony 'taught' the child to ride. So....if 14 year old girls shouldn't ride ponies, then adults most definitely should not ride miniatures!

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    No. Miniature horses are not as sturdy as a pony and have weaker joints and backs. They were not bred to be ridden and you could hurt it. The only time I've ever seen miniatures ridden is by 2-4 yr olds being led by their parents. Sorry!

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    No. Miniature horses are not meant to be ridden, period-hence why they do not have riding events at mini horse shows.

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    Jack Z said it!! As well as others but a 'Mini" is bred for pulling, so you could have just as much fun riding in a cart and from what a friend of mine said about the ones he has is 'THEY LOVE TO PULL"

    Source(s): Go with JackZ and others about 'NO RIDING"
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    NO, you are too big. Only very small children should attempt to ride a mini. I wouldn't put anyone over 35 or 40 pounds on one.

  • I agree with Pony on this. They were not meant to be ridden. Look at their bone structure, it is light, fine. A Shetland is as small as I would EVEN consider even putting a child on. They have a stronger bone structure, heavier.

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    You certainly wouldnt be able to jump. Like the 1st answer, Mini's arent supposed to be ridden because of their bone structure. You could damage his/her back, causing serious medical problems.

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    Minis are too fragile for riding. I would just stick to your pony. They make great pets though.

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    NO!! You can not ride mini's ! they are meant for showing, pulling carts and jumping.. But unfortunately.. you can not ride them..

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