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Discount group cruise for family vacation in August?

I would like to do a group cruise of about 20 people for a mini family reunion in the Caribbean. Carnival says they are not offering group pricing for the ship I want to travel on at this time. Is there any possible way to get a huge discount or deals. In the group there are 2 seniors 5 children and the rest are adults. I found out for group travel the prices would be about $750. for the first 2 in the room and 500. for the next 2 in a room if booking a quad. Since they are not offering group rates, the price will be a bout 1100.00 per person. NOT a discount at all.

How can I get past this, or get a better deal? I would like suggestions of web sites or any helpful advice.

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    Give one of the agents at a call.

    They can look at all of the cruises and which departures have discounts available. They have access to deals that you can't see on the website.

    Early August is still peak season because the kids are still out of school. The highest pricing and no discounts are usually offered during the summer months, Spring Break and the holidays (Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years).

    You may be able to get a better deal if you look later in the year when the kids have a Friday or Monday out of school.

    Also, consider a 5-day cruise. We took 20 guests on a 5-day trip w/Carnival in June, 2006. You may not be able to get much concession on cabin fares but be sure to ask for other deals such as drink coupons or free photography or soda cards.

    Be sure to include the $10 per day per guest tips (this includes the kids 2 years or the $5 per day fuel surcharge in any calculations of costs....

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    With the figures you gave, the per person price is $833.33, not $1000, although with taxes and fees it will be close to $1000 each.

    On some ships, you can get one free passenger if you book a certain number of rooms [e.g. eight cabins]. However, if the ship you want isn't doing "group" cruises, then you won't get that. Most likely, you're not going to find a "huge" discount, especially in early August. The rates you quote are actually very good - you're probably not going to get anything much lower. Seniors can sometimes get a lower rate.

    Try your travel agent, or, Expedia, Travelocity, etc. The prices won't vary much, but you could save a few dollars.

    You also have to allow for other expenses: alcohol/soda on board, casino expenses, excursion costs, tips [$10/da/ea], etc.

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    Some cruise lines start offering discounts (free cabins) when you book eight or more cabins. You should check with a travel agent that has experience booking groups. Here is one who I use and I know he is good ...

    Bob DeAgazio

    Regional Manager, San Diego

    7777 Girard Ave, Suite 106

    LaJolla, CA 92037

    Direct: 858-459-0681 ext. 1421

    Toll Free: 800-869-0674

    Fax: 858-459-6823

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    Also, I am questing your math. If the first two are $750 and the next two are $500 then ...

    It is either $375 each for the first two and $250 each for the next two, making an average of $312.50 each or ...

    It is $750 each for the first two and $500 each for the next two, making an average of $625 each.

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    Check with a local travel agent, they might already be holding some group space that you can book into.

    Source(s): Owner- online cruise agency
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    Check with Royal Caribbean.

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