Lowes or Menards for customer service???

Anyone notice Menards has been sucky latley??? The majority of the floor associates are rude! Every time!!

Everyone at Lowes says hello and ask me for help, everytime I go there. I think I am gonna stop going to Menards!


with so many credit cards with rewards... you can still get something back...

Update 2:

thank you guys for your input...i was just venting!! I am semi new to the area in IL I live in.

Well, I am one to forgive and forget so, I probably will be shopping there again.....

But Lowes will be my first choice!

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    In Northern MN, the Menards are helpful and polite, but don't know anything. Anyone with a background in the trades will go work for $30 +per hour, not at Menards for $8.

    I have had a lot of problems with our local Menards, such as putting returned merchandise back on the shelves without inspecting it [I have bought many electrical and plumbing things that turned out to be fried or stripped threads], causing you to visually inspect each item rather than trusting it will be new. They also recently delivered 100 sheets of 4x12 drywall a day EARLY [when I had no workers at the jobsite], and left it outside to get rained on. I sent it all back.

    Our Home Depot is good in these areas, but has very few employees on the floor if you need someone. There is usually 1 person per department, so if there are 2 or more customers, or if he's on break, you are in for a wait. They claim to have the lowest prices, but you have to bring in an ad from Menards to have it lowered plus 10%. If they are going to have the claim of lowest prices, they should adjust the signage after someone proves it's cheaper somewhere else. But they don't, you have to jump through the same hoops the very next day.

    I stick with local lumberyards for most lumber, as it is much better quality and they pick through it for you. The last 3 material lumber lists i got prices for, Menards was the highest price, followed by Home Depot, and three local lumber yards were the least expensive including delivery] by over $2000 on a $14,000 order.

    Go figure.....

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    Lowes is new to the area, they need the business. Menards offer money back at the end of the year. I'll stay with Menards.

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    Lowes does not get my vote. I bought peel and stick tile for my kitchen floor, 200 square feet. Withing a few months I noticed tiny bubbles of the top plastic coating coming free. I could scratch my fingernail across it and scrape th pattern off.

    This and, it was yellowing, not only in the sunlight but, in the shadow areas also so, it hasn't anything to do with the sun.

    I was referred to Armstrong tile, who then referred me back to Lowes, and back and forth.

    After I let them all know I've worked with tile and lino for over 47 years, no one would talk to me, they all sent me on a catch 22 mission.

    I will never lay Armstrong again and, I won't by from Lowes again, simply because they wouldn't stand behind the product they were selling.

    I brought a tile from the floor back, three separate managers in about three weeks looked at it and all gave me the run around.

    I didn't tell any of them I have been in the "business laying tile for over 47 years" I let them assume, like they did, I was a novice. One was a young girl about 17 years old, she admitted she knew nothing about it but, was giving a text book opinion about it, with no experience behind her.

    Source(s): retired contractor 47 years
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    the closest Lowes is 2 hours away, so I have to stick with Menards. Before we moved, The choice was Home Depot or Lowes, and I picked hd, everytime I've ever gone to lowes, they acted like i was interrupting their loaf time.

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    Neither. Have you ever shopped at a Mom & Pop store? They have GREAT clerks, and will bend over backwards to help with even the most stupid questions.

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