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Self-drive Namibia and Kruger National Park Safaris?

I will be traveling to South Africa with my parents who are in their late 70s (im in my early 40s). our plan is to do a 6-day self-drive safari in Namibia and then flying to Phalaborwa and doing a 7 day self drive safari in Kruger National Park. Is this enough time/too much time to spend in these regions? We have no interest in ANY cities or beaches - Just leisurely self-drive wildlife viewing. Is this a good plan? Any thoughts or comments GREATLY appreciated. Also, how safe are these areas and what do we need to look out for? Thank you in advance for your comments. I have heard the term "Township" (and not to go into MOST of them in South Africa) - does the word "Township" refer to the obvious and simply mean "Towns," in the same way we refer to them in the USA.

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    1 decade ago
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    If you only want to do wildlife viewing, the Etosha Pans is the best in Namibia. Although from my memories (was a child when we visited there) I think that 5 days for Etosha Pans is a bit too much time.

    I would take more time in Namibia to see more of the country. The land is streched out and very beautiful. From a personal point of view, I would visit Namibia not only for wildlife.

    I would suggest that you visit the south of Namibia as well. Do go to Luderitz in the south - coastal town. Near Luderitz you will find the ghost town of Kolmanskop - partly covered by desert sand. There is also Elisabeth Bay and another one - cannot remember the name - althought the latter two is only accessable with a tour group and special permits. I would suggest that you look at the Namibian tourist website for requirements.

    A little bit to the north is Sososvlei with some of the world's biggest dunes (Big Daddy). You can book a guide at the game park next to the Sososvlei Lodge to take you there for a 'sundowner'.

    If you go to the central you will get Windhoek, the capital city - skip it if you like, but there is a lot to see. Old german style buildings.

    If you go to the north from Windhoek, you turn to the west at Okahanja, towards the coast and the town of Swakopmund - very German. Swakopmund has grown a bit the past years, but they kept the original building styles (German) and was done really nicely. Walvisbay is next to Swakopmund, but do not have a lot to see and do.

    Inbetween the two is Langstrand village - where Angelina Jolie stayed when her baby daughter was born.

    On the way to Swakopmund you will find the famous Spitskoppies on the right - you have to leave the main road to go there.

    Some where to the north is the Brandberg where the famous 'Wit Vrou' (white woman) drawing is to be found in the cave(s) done by Boesmans (native people of Namibia). If you travel north from Okahanja through Tsumeb towards Ovamboland (Oshakati and Ondangua) you pass the lakes of Otjikoto and Guinas (the Guinas cannot be reached from the mainroad - as far as I know, it is on private property).

    These two are fed by the same onderground river. The waterlevel is lower that ground level and the depth of the lakes could not yet been established - I stand to be corrected. Toward the north you will get the Etosha Pans.

    I took you now on a virtual tour from the south to the west and north - there are many other places of interest that I may not know about.

    Unfortunately I never visited the Kruger National Park (althought I live in Gauteng in South Africa) and cannot really give you any advice regarding that.

    Townships like you heard about in America would refer to the traditionally black establishments, and not to towns as such. It is not safe to go into townships on your own, and it will be a good thing to avoid them at all. There are some tours that take people to some of the townships, like Soweto, but I have never been there.

    Hope you enjoy your trip to Southern Africa.

    Source(s): I was born in Namibia, grew up in the north and still have family there.
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    4 years ago

    Freddy Kruger

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    1 decade ago

    all i know is that namibia is safe and you can do whatever you want since the population is very small, just follow your tour guide advices and never never stop to pick up anyone no matter what time and always drive with your door window locked and up in south africa especially at traffic lights. you can search safety tips for travelling in namibia at , sorry i can;t help you much even though i am namibian.

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