Kansas City is expecting severe weather sunday into monday. How much rain is expected for us.?

are we going to be under a moderate risk of severe thunderstorms.

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    I think it will be a close call for Kansas City on Sunday and Monday. There will definitely be severe weather south of there on those days, but the question remains just how far north will the severe weather go. At this point in time, it looks like KC will not get much in the way of severe weather on Sunday. It should remain south and west of you. Then again, this all depends on the amount of moisture flow and surface heating, but both variables should be too low to support severe weather on Sunday.

    Monday should be the more interesting day for KC. Once again there is still a question of how far north the weather will go. Chances for severe wx are higher on Monday than Sunday. The should be enough moisture and lift in the atmosphere but the question remains as to how much instability there will be to support severe thunderstorms. Areas south of KC can expect the possibility of a widespread severe event. The closer we get to Monday, the more we will know, it is too early to tell at the moment.

    I believe that there will be a moderate risk of severe thunderstorms on Sunday and Monday just south of KC in eastern OK, southern MO, southeastern KS and Arkansas.

    Source(s): 14 yrs. of studying meteorology, particularly severe weather.
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    Why do people post these questions on the internet. Just go to Weather.com, or Accuweather, or NOAA, or Weather Underground, or MANY of the other weather websites that tell you the weather for YOUR area. My Weather Desktop says for Kansas City, Missouri the weather will be Scattered T-storms on Sunday with a high of 56 and showers on Monday with a high of 58. I don't know how much rain is expected. But it is on the internet!!!

    Source(s): Weather.com. or any weather source which is a click away!
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    5 degrees celcius Clearing skies. Cool.

    Today's High: 12º C

    Today's Low: 0º C

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    good thing i'll be gone on Saturday

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