my local mechanic can not bleed my brakes on a jetta 96?

after doing a complete rear brake job even replaces the cables for handbrake ,the car is now on the lift for 2 days because he says there is no oil coming down the lines,,he tried bleeding the lines with no result,,,,,,whats up with this,,can someone stir me in the right direction,seems to me my local mechanic has hit a wall

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Have him check the flex lines. The often swell up on the inside blocking the flow

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    Dirty garage has it right.The 96 jetta along with a lot of other models has a brake equalizer that is weight activated and with no weight on the wheels the suspension closes the valve to stop the fluid flow.The more weight on the rear wheels the more braking is required to stop the vehicle.Just ask him if it has this equalizer and explain to him that in the air on a hoist the valve is closed not allowing fluid flow.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Is the brake fluid even going through the master cylinder at all? There might be air left in the master cylinder or lines. Bench bleeding the master cylinder will help if theres still air in it.. otherwise idk. Like v8 said a power bleeder will force the fluid through the lines.

    read below, pump guy is right. A weight height sensing proportioning valve is restricting the flow of fluid. The 90 jetta at my school has the same thing, totally forgot.

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    if you had a problem with the rear brakes before you took it to him you may have a bad master cylinder and now that he has replaced parts no fluid is going to the rear.In my shop we have a power bleeder and it will push the fluid through the master and out the wheel cylinders.This can make it seam like the job is done but when the car is out for a test drive the brake pedal will go low or to the floor then it's time for a new master hope this helps

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    1 decade ago

    perhaps they are like the ford taurus which has to be sitting on the ground under its own weight to bleed rear brakes?

  • 1 decade ago

    break pump maybe?

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