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Have parents lost faith in themselves?

I see and hear a lot of people saying that if they found out their children's daycare provider was gay, atheist, etc., that they would take their children to a new day care provider.

I see and hear a lot of people saying that they are pulling their kids out of schools because of what is being taught.

The way I was raised, my parents taught us to learn as much as we could about the world, accept everyone, and be respectful, but to always, always maintain who we were and who they raised us to be. My parents had faith in their parenting abilities to teach us to stand up for what we believed in, but to not turn our backs on those who disagreed with us or were different from us.

With so many parents trying to change society rather than raise their kids to be strong, does that mean parents have lost faith in their own parenting abilities? Why aren't more parents teaching kids to stand up for their beliefs and stay solid in who they are?

I hope that makes sense . . . .

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    Makes sense to me.

    When my daughter was in grade school she was assigned to a teacher that was known for being tough. All of the other mothers were taking their children out and put into an 'easier' class.

    When asked I told my daughter that she will have to face tough decisions in life and I won't be responsible for making her a weaker individual by allowing her to avoid tough things.

    By the second week of school she came home and told me that she LOVED the teacher and was glad I made her stay.

    Hope that made sense.......

    Source(s): * When we keep our kids from experiencing all of what life has to offer then we are showing them a false reality.
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    I stay home with my kids, but if I did utilize daycare I wouldn't pull them out for several reasons. First one is the kids get very connected and attached to their providers, so this would cause unnecessary problems. Also, assuming just as the hetero daycare working will refrain from making out with his/her spouse, I assume the homosexual daycare worker will as well.

    I am choosing to homsechool as well, and not to convert society to my way of thinking, but to protect my children from children that are raised by parents who couldn't care less what they watch, do, engage in, etc. Hope this helps from the perspective of a born again Christian :-)

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    You're coming through loud & clear, Grit!

    I'm in the same boat with Lisa I. I'm non-theistic and I teach elementary school. I'm careful what I say. Most often I simply don't say anything, especially to the parents who tell me they thank God for me every day. Their freedom of speech isn't the least bit restrained.

    My faith lies in the future. We, as a species, have survived dark ages before. And then, too, I remind myself that there are people in this world like you and me and some of the individuals answering here. We may be a silent majority.

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    It makes sense, what you are saying. I'm not sure if that's the case..

    I can only speak for myself when I say I have not lost faith in myself to raise my kids, I have lost it in society.. in most aspects of society.

    Rather than change society to fit my kids, I am trying get my kids to fit themselves, to let them grow up to be who they are, inside, whether it fits into society's "norms" or not. It's not the reason I started homeschooling, but it is most definitely the reason I continue to homeschool. My 16 year old, for example, is very much his own person, yet he has a respect for others' beliefs (he is in no way secluded from other people, of any color, creed, etc.). It's a good balance.

    Source(s): atheist mom of two homeschooled boys, 16 and 8 yrs
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    I completely agree with you!!! That's a great point. I am a nanny and I'm atheist. Ironically the baby I take care of has a father who is a pastor. They are great people and I love my job, but I am careful what I say because I do not want to lose my job. I would like to think they are tolerant and wouldn't mind, but unfortunately I cant count on that. I've lost a friend over this whose known me for years, so I try to be careful now. However, if they came right out and asked me what I believe I would tell them. I wouldn't want to sell myself out, but I wouldn't want to lose my job either. I too believe you should teach your kids to be tolerant and respectful of other religions. They should learn there are other belief systems out there other then theirs. It's OK to teach them that you can disagree with someone and still be respectful.

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    I dont know Sikhism really a bit though not enough to answer any question though. Just tell your dad your religion isnt your culture you are still an Indian, Sikh or not. I would ask your dad the questions he may know the answer if not then tell him straight that you dont believe in Sikhism anymore. As for cutting the hair I've seen many Singhs with hair cut short its not uncommon. Firstly though I would talk to your mum because she may be able to give you advice on how to break it to your dad or even answer the question. Good luck with it.

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    What parenting skills? Parents delegate too much of their parenting responsibilities to others. They don't know what to teach their own kids, because the values, standards and morals in society are all screwed up. They might snatch them out of school, etc. but then what?

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    My parents never tried to keep me from people that lived life a bit differently than they did. They actually tried to show me new things. But what you're saying, sadly, does make sense.

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    You have a valid point... my parents talked to us about what we heard at school and taught us how to sort out right from wrong. Parents who isolate their children really don't do those kids any favors...

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    some of them are...

    but i think some of the parents still have faith in themselves. it just depends on how strong their faith is.

    if they don't have self confidence in themselves as parents then they will just follow along with the crowd ... but if they follow their heart then they will do the right thing

    does that make sense??

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