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Who is better (Packers)?

Current (or recent) vs all time.

QB.Brett Favre vs Bart Starr

RB.Ryan Grant vs Dorsey Levens

WRs Donald Driver and Gregg Jennings vs Sterling Sharpe and Robert Brooks.

TE.Bubba Franks vs Mark Chamura

DL.KGB vs Reggie White

LB.Nick Barnett vs Ray Nitchke

CB Al Harris vs Mike mckenzie. lol

Give me your choices.

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    QB: tough choice, but i would take Favre due to the fact he was there EVERY SINGLE SUNDAY

    RB: too early to take Grant now so i would take Dorsey

    WR: definitely Sterling and Robert due to the fact of inexperience of Jennings and Sharpe being a hall of famer, and Brooks being, well, Robert Brooks

    TE: Mark Chamura definitely due to the fact that he was a Super Bowl TE and Bubba wasnt

    DL: KGB has the team sacks record, but how wouldnt you not take Reggie White. Hes a hall of famer for a reason

    LB:i know by now im taking all the past players, So Nitchke, just a little more dominant at LB and more feared in his time

    CB: Al Harris, he is who i thought was the better one when Al and Mike were together playing, which Al finally got a Pro Bowl spot that he deserved

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    QB Favre has better Numbers But Starr had 5 Championships including 2 Super Bowl wins RB Grant has just one year under his belt , But Levens had just a 3 year Run When he was TOP-NOTCH TE Franks and Chamura were close in talent , nod to Chamura he was the better CLUTCH 3rd down receiver DL KGB is a STUD , but REGGIE was the BEST EVER at the position LB Barnett is Great , but Nitchke is a LEGEND CB Harris is solid McKenzie hasn't been the same since he went to the Saints... WR's again close But I'd have to say Sharpe and Brooks (for now)...

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    QB Brett Favre

    RB Dorsey Levens

    WRs Sterling Sharpe and Robert Brooks.

    TEMark Chamura

    DLReggie White

    LB Ray Nitchke

    CB Al Harris

    Source(s): not a packers fan
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    Brett favre

    Ryan Grant

    donald driver and gregg jennings

    mark chamura

    reggie white

    nick barnnett

    al harris

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    QB- Brett

    RB- Dorsey (was that even a serious question?)

    WRs- Sterling > Donald but Greg<Robert

    TE-Bubba (young)

    DL-Reggie White (was that a serious question?)

    LB- Ray Ray

    CB- Al Harris

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    Brett Favre

    Even, Grant will be better in the long run, but Levens was good for a couple of years.

    Sharpe and Brooks, superbowl

    Chamura, more consisitent

    Reggie White, no brainer



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    Grant(even though hard to say after 1 year)

    Driver and Sharpe would be unbeatable

    Tough one




    and then bigby cause hes a beast

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    Sharpe and Brooks


    tough, but Reggie White


    Harris - haha

    i guess im going mostly old school except for a couple

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    brett favre

    dorsey levens

    sharpe and brooks

    reggie white

    nick barnett

    al harris

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    none of them. I'm a bear fan so they all suck. don't you like it you ask a question and you get crap like this happens all the time. to me to.but i will give you this Reggie- ray and sterling would kick the rest of your choices buts. i say no to drugs so bRatt farvie. gets no props from me. and nick beats women no means no nick.bad nick bad.

    Source(s): go bears lets sweep another season over the pack
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