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Alpine amp 2 ohms stable?

hey guys i have Alpine V-power amp rated at 500 rms @ 4 ohms and 800rms @ 1ohm......i jus wanted to know that if my amp is 2 ohms stable so i can connect it with my box of two mtx thunder 12 inches subwoofers rated at 600 rms @ 2ohms.....

heres my amp specs link and woofers

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    your amp isnt stable at 1 ohm and you'll destroy it if you try running it that low. your amp is 800 watts rms at 2 ohms stable. and if your mtx subs are dual voice coil and 2 ohm then yes you can wire those subs to 2 ohms ( thats what your going to want for max power on this amp)

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  • MDC
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    If it's 1 ohm stable it will be 2 ohm stable.

    Are you sure it is not 800w @ 2 ohms?

    Edit: That amp is 800w rms @ 2 ohms not 1 ohm. It is not 1 ohm stable.

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    if it's 1ohm stable, than it would be 2ohm stable.

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