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at what age are you " TOO old " to watch cartoons ?

I'm not addicted to them but every once in a while I'll sit and watch Sponge Bob or Jimmy Neutron


WOW, it's nice to know I'm not alone

Thanks guys

Update 2:

As far as watching anime, I was watching Astro Boy in Japan in 1962 which I would suspect is long before many of you were born

Update 3:

T Rick, find the child in you and have fun, you wont regret it. Hey, women actually like a little kid in a guy not some stick in the mud

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    We should all be like Peter Pan and never grow up to be too old to watch cartoons and laugh. My favorites are the old ones.... Road runner (Wylie coyote never did catch him and how in the world did he survive all those falls from those high cliffs?), Tweety and Sylvester (where did that little bitty bird get all those big hammers?), then there was Bugs Bunny and the little Alien (what a maroon), Porky Pig (thethethe that's all folks)

  • johna
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    I love "The Lion King" it is a heart wrenchingly beautiful story with great moral undertones for children. Its animation is so good in that you can feel the personality of the animals coming though to the point were you forget it is actually an animated film. I have to mention Disney's "Fantasia", as it is an absolute classic and still holds its own even after all this time. The scene when Mickey Mouse as the sorcerers apprentice does "battle' with the buckets of water and the mops is acknowledged one of great scenes in animated cinema history.

  • You had better believe when I'm sitting in the nursing home there'll be cartoons on the TV. That's actually a kind of weird mental image... an old man watching cartoons

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    I'm a 29 year old mother to 2 children and I will always enjoy watching cartoons with my babies.

    Other that Spongebob, I loooove to watch Scooby-Doo, The Flintstones, Voltron...I could go and on.

    You could never get too old for cartoons. Never. LoL

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  • A.L.F
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    No you can never be too old, watch as many as you want they are a form of entertainment for any age groups. If Cartoons weren't meant for adults why do you think simpson, family guy, and others were made in that form.

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    I am not too old to watch cartoon, dont' think I ever will be, I like the Bugs Bunny cartoons, them I can understand, and I always watch the Charlie Brown specials too.

  • Anonymous
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    Cartoons are a form of entertainment.Entertainment is meant for everyone just because you are a certain age does not mean you cant watch cartoons.I watch anime and SpongeBob.

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    You are definitely never too old- my dad loves watching those shows, especially Jimmy Neutron!

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    Never! I still watch those too. It just shows you're willing to be a kid every once in a while, which is good

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    You are never "too old" dude!!! Cartoons Rock. I am slightly above 25 years old, and I know, I will love cartoons for the rest of my life. Especially anime. So your likes are your likes!!!!

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