what is the kandahar base like?

im deploying in 8 months, and wanna know what to expect. do they still get mortar showers?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Wow, I was there in 2003 and it was safe as hell then. I only spent a few days at a time there because my unit (2/505th, 82nd ABN) was always out on missions and living in the desert near the border, then we moved up north to Bagram after two months. But from what I remember it was as safe any base in the States. After it was taken in 2001, then wasn't any activity my the bad guys. They can't get within 10 kms without being seen (its flat almost around). The city is no joke and every no a then there is a bombing but its still safer than Iraq by far. And in the summer,you will be HOT! In Bagram it would be 100, in Kandahar 130.






    Source(s): US Army 19 1/2 year, airborne combat vet of Bosnia, Afghanistan and Iraq with the 82nd ABN, 1st AD, and Eco 51st LRS (ABN), former infantryman of 16 years and Ranger with the 7th Ranger Training Battalion (Desert Phase 1990-1993), current wounded JAG SFC with the 1st ID
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