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Penis Insecurity?

Why are men so insecure about their penises? There's a vast amount of men asking about their size on Answers, and it's getting really silly. There's an answer to all this:

The average penis length is 5.5-6.5 inches, the average circumference is 4-5 inches. If it bends or curves sharply (it looks like a hook) then you need to see a doctor, because that's a condition known as Peyronie's Disease and will make your sex life difficult.

Women do prefer a larger penis TO A POINT. If you are below four inches and have finished puberty, then be concerned. If you are above eight inches, you are most likely causing her pain. And on that note: it's not the length, it's the width that's important. Otherwise, she's just a size queen and isn't worth your time.

And when it's down, no one cares except for the locker room's gay resident (maybe).

So please, no more of these questions. After all of the answers provided for them, I don't understand why they need to ask again and again. Do any of you?


Oh, and why do so many guys get lured into buying penis pills? It's unlikely that any of them work: businesses are just playing off your insecurities.

If you're all grown up, it's not getting any bigger. Specialize in foreplay instead.

Update 2:

Allen T: I understand that, and I'm not saying that they shouldn't ask...I'm saying that it's rather nonsensical to ask. They've got so many examples - it's like being given instructions three hundred times and asking for them to be repeated again. It's their right, yes, but it's also my right to voice my opinion. What right have you to complain?

Update 3:

Micheal: Thanks, but it's not hard, much less impossible, to check other answers or the rest of the internet. I'm sorry if I'm not being sensitive, but that's the truth.

Update 4:

Robert29..:Sarcasm or not...well, anyway, your penis doesn't change for the most part. When your semen turns purple or when you find traces of blood, I can understand that you'd be alarmed. It's the same here - it would be wonderful if you'd get a pill to make us all bleed exactly half a cup exactly every twenty nine days for exactly three days.

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    We ask because we are the ones with a penis and we all want to see what wonderful answers all these expert gals are giving. I just think all the guy's should go into the women's section and start answering questions on discharge and periods. If you want to be of any help to us insecure guys, why don't one of you really invent a pill that will make all of our penis's 12 inches long. No longer, no shorter, all guys with a 12 inch penis would solve all the penis length questions here except one. That would be, "where do we find a woman who wants a 12 inch penis". I have what I have between my legs, I know how to use it and I respect all my gal friends when it comes to sex.

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    Penis Insecurity?

    Why are men so insecure about their penises? There's a vast amount of men asking about their size on Answers, and it's getting really silly. There's an answer to all this:

    The average penis length is 5.5-6.5 inches, the average circumference is 4-5 inches. If it bends or curves...

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    While I do see your point, I don't think sensitivity is exactly your strong suit. The reality is this: Some males have not gone through or completed puberty and are therefore worried as to whether they are normal as to penis size; and still other males are very self-obsessed about their bodies and their manhoods and all things sexual and visual just about and are therefore very focused on penis size and penis-related performance. I don't think it is humane to be insensitive as to others who perceive themselves to be unhappy or are genuinely concerned about being normal, in relation to their penis size. Personally, I do think that big hearts are just as important, if not more so, than big "parts", but I would not feel right turning my back on some fellow who wants an answer as to a penis concern. Cannot say that all of the questions is stemming from "penis insecurity" either, as opposed to other factors.

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    Yuki..... There is no such thing as average dear. There is what is the normal size for that person. Who says there is an average and who determined that that one person is what is average is, and why are we suppose to compare our penis sizes as you say, to someone else? The hype is all because of all the false charts put on the web that the pill pushers are using, and from all those who are so well endowed as they say on here. The trouble is they are only decieveing them selves with their so called lengths they over measure. The fact remains there is no stretching devices that will length the penis, patch, pill, cream, pump, or gel. The enchancement pills if they work will only produce a fuller erection for the moment, if they work. There is a lot of men that are spending lots of money on garbage, including the penis surgeries. I had an injury and done it all to keep from having my penis amputated. It has been reattached, i lost both tetsicles, and assure you and everyone on here that after going to John Hopkins Hospital for reconstruction ,and many many experimental drugs, and one last surgery that i was finally able to get an implant in March of 06 that took. And there are no penis size charts as everyone thinks that says this is the average. There is what you are is your normal. As long as they push the pills and ads the guys will keep spending. All in search of a bigger penis that they so desperately want, and don't realize they have only what God gave us. Good Luck!

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    As a guy myself I admit I feel sometimes insecure. The only reaso nthey feel insecure is because they probably never had sex or many girlfriends so they think it is because of their penis size. That is the reason why they are bought into all these pills which I heard barely make a difference.

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    The average caucasion male is around 5" - the average black male is around 7" and the average asian male is around 4".

    I am caucasion with an average penis size. When I was in my late teens a white chick told a friend of mine I left her 'unsatisfied' since I couldnt go deep enough. I've never dated a white girl since - strictly latina and asians for the last thirty years.

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    look at the porn nowadays, have you seen the size of some of those guys? being average (or smaller), or slightly over, and the only real knowledge of other men's penises (somewhat) is that of xl porn star sizes to compare with can be a real downer. and it's even more confusing if we're all told that the average is roughly around what you said. so i guess that it's hard to completely invest in either one of these presentations because they're each saying something different, and it's hard to go against what you see, but instead hear, because sometimes seeing can be believing.

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    porno's...., freakin porno's! also, it only takes one woman to make a comment aloud or raise an eyebrow to an endowed man to give the impression to men they need to be large and in charge....i'm cool though...i can't complain, but, i can see how some men would feel insecure...also, testosterone is a funny thing!

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