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Christians, do you wait until you receive what you requested in prayer before you start thanking God?

For me I pray asking for what I want, then most times the next I thank God for receiving even before I do. How about you, do you wait until you have received what you requested before thanking God or do you thank him knowing you are going to get it?

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    Thank You Father God for You knowing our needs before we ever bring them to You, and for Your grace and mercy bestowed upon us as we move about our daily walk so that we may be shining examples of Your Truth and Life as Jesus has taught us to and this is so and cannot be otherwise in and through the name nature and power of Jesus Christ, amen and amen.

    Yes, I have learned from experience that this is now the only prayer I pray, one of thanksgiving and gratitude in every situation and every prayer. When I say 'help me' I say thank You Lord for helping me. It is already done, and I need to remember that , so that is how I do it in my prayers.

    Bible gives us 7 types of prayer.

    They are all appropriate at various times.

    But I've found more intimacy with God through simply being grateful that God is more than enough in any situation, because that is sooooooo true.

    Thanks for such an awesome Q.

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    I do thank God before I receive; but whenever I ask for something, I try to pray that God will give to me what his will is for me. Then I thank God that His will is going to be done. I can't always trust that what I want is really the best, but know that His will is.

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    I thank Him as I am praying because I know He will answer the prayer. His answer may not be what I am asking for, but I thank Him because He knows what is best. I do, though, expect to receive my request when I am sure that I am asking in His name - His will. He has promised that whatever we ask in His name - His will - "that I will do. Ask anything in My name and I will do it." We just need to ask for wisdom to get in tune with His will.

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    I always thank God after I pray for a prayer request. And continue thanking iHim, until I receive, then of course after I receive, that's what faith is! I am actually praying for a particular house right now. It was so cute, because as me and my children walked by this house, I said.. ok kids, lets pray for the house, I thought they would say, Please Jesus give us this house.. but they said, Thank you Jesus for our new house! It was awesome, especially because they are 4 and 3 years old!

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    I am learning to pray with a spirit of praise and thanksgiving and seeking God's will for my life as opposed to asking Him to grant my requests.

    God isn't a "genie in a bottle" that we can mold to our desires--His best for us is more than we can imagine and beyond what we know to ask for! So the more I open myself up in surrender to His Will, the more thankful and grateful I can learn to be for blessings that are unexpected and grace to accept even the less pleasant things in life!

    It's sort of like that Garth Brooks song--some of God's greatest gifts are unanswered prayers!

    We should learn to thank Him in ALL things, for even the trials and heartaches we face help us to grow stronger and allow His grace and strength to show through our weakness.

    Though I think I understand your question, for a weaker brother or new Christian it could be misunderstood as representing a "prosperity gospel" mentality. Be careful about falling into the trap of thinking that only those people who seem to be getting material visible blessings have found favor with God. Look at Job and Old Testament Joseph as examples--sometimes He works best in circumstances and situations that look dark and more like curses than answered prayers and blessings.

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    I thank God the moment I ask in prayer. Because I know as long as I asked according to His will and purpose for my life ,, He will always hear and answer my prayer.

    I always thank Him, even before evidence.

    That is faith.

    Faith without even seeing the evidence.

    God calls us to pray for what we dont see, but we want it to be, knowing it will come.

    Prayer still works, and faith still moves mountains.

    Oh yes, I thank God the instant I have made a request.

    HE never lets me down.

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    well i don't pray just so that i can receive what i want because that would be like a friend only talking to you so that you can give them what they want. i thank him everyday for giving me another day of life. if i do ask him for a favor i don't know if i will receive it but i do thank him before and after. you shouldn't pray just to get what you want. it says in the bible if it will give god glory then he will give you what you want.

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    No, I start every prayer with praise and thanking the lord. Then I will ask for something, but I don't always expect to get it, I thank him anyways though.

  • I thank for what he does for me and what he's going to do for me everyday, I also ask Him what is it that He wants me to do for him. You see you need to ask God what he want you to do for him. Go out and tell your friends about Jesus and that the end is near. For Jesus is coming real soon Repent before it is too late.The kingdom of Heaven is near.and if you are not saved and you are not reborn you will end up in Hell for NO SIN will enter into Heaven God Bless you all

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    I thank Him for listening and answering my prayer while I am praying before He has answered my prayer.

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