What Atlanta radio station has Nascar now that The Eagle is gone?

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    Here are all of the Georgia stations that broadcast the MRN feed:

    WDEC-FM 94.7 Americus GA

    WYAY-FM 106.7 Atlanta GA

    WIBL-FM 105.7 Augusta GA

    WYNF-AM 1380 Augusta GA

    WFNS-AM 1350 Brunswick GA

    WWGA-AM 1230 Brunswick GA

    WRJY-FM 104.1 Brunswick GA

    WSFN-AM 790 Brunswick GA

    WJTH-AM 900 Calhoun GA

    WLBB-AM 1330 Carrollton GA

    WBTR-FM 92.1 Carrollton GA

    WRBN-FM 104.1 Clayton GA

    WKCN-FM 99.3 Columbus GA

    WRCG-AM 1420 Columbus GA

    WKHC-FM 104.3 Dahlonega GA

    WDMG-AM 860 Douglas GA

    WDMG-FM 97.9 Douglas GA

    WGTJ-AM 1330 Gainesville GA

    WEKS-FM 92.5 Griffin GA

    WLAG-AM 1240 La Grange GA

    WIFN-FM 105.5 Macon GA

    WDEN-FM 99.1 Macon GA

    WKZR-FM 102.3 Milledgeville GA

    WMOQ-FM 92.3 Monroe GA

    WQLI-FM 92.3 Pelham GA

    WATG-FM 95.7 Rome GA

    WXRS-AM 1590 Swainsboro GA

    WXRS-FM 100.5 Swainsboro GA

    WZBX-FM 106.5 Sylvania GA

    WSYL-AM 1490 Sylvania GA

    WJFL-FM 101.9 Tennille GA

    WKAA-FM 99.5 Valdosta GA

    WVLD-AM 1450 Valdosta GA

    WYUM-FM 101.7 Vidalia GA

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    What Atlanta radio station has Nascar now that The Eagle is gone?

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    Mrn Radio Stations

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