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Need help to create Editorial about Hiroshima or Auschwitz?

Ok I have an assignment that has 5 different sections. I only need help with this one.

Letter to the editor

For the editorial, offer your opinion on the moral questions raised by Hiroshima or Auschwitz. (Was Hiroshima a military target? Was the bomb necessary to end the war, or was Japan on the verge of surrender? Would lives have been saved in the long run by bombing Auschwitz?) You must include both sides of the issues, but clearly state what you think the most appropriate course of action was.

Your editorial should:

Be between 200-400 words

Be a persuasive letter about either the necessity of dropping the atomic bomb or if Auschwitz and other death camps should have been bombed by the Allies.

And please, if you're not going to help, then just don't say

'do your own homework' or whatever.

Thank you for all the ones that help me (:

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    okay i'm going to quote verbatim from my History book, and you can make what you will of it.

    "Why did the Allies Refuse to Bomb the Death Camps?"

    "....The World Jewish Congress appealed to the Allies to bomb the death camps and the railroad tracks leading to them in order to hamper the killing operation and block further shipments of victims.

    The proposals to bomb the death camps got no farther than the desks of Assistant Secretary of War John J. McCloy in Washington and British Foreign Secretary Anthony Eden in London. Both men were seasoned members of the foreign service elites, which routinely discrimintaed against Jews. Intent on achieving military victory as soon as possible, they repeatedly turned aside bombing requests, arguing that air forces could not spare resources from their military missions.....

    Tactically, however, the Allies had little reason to hesitate after 1943. The German air force could no longer muster much resistance. The Allies had sufficient planes to bomb the death camps without hindering the military campaign against Germany. And Allied refusal to commit heavy bombers to the mission because they would inevitablly kill innocent people in the camps overlooked the reality that if nothing was done, all the inmates would die anyway. Auschwitz survivors recalled that they fervently prayed that Allied planes would bomb their hell into oblivion.

    The US Office of War Information avoided publicizing the death camps, fearing that public accusations of genocide might inspire the Germans to prolong the war and cause more American casualties. Deprived of authoritative information to dispel widespread skepticism that death camps really existed, American newspapers relegated news of the Holocaust to the back pages. Even Supreme Court Justice Felix Frankfurter, a Jew and a veteran of fights against anti-Semitism, found the truth incomprehensible. After a member of the Polish underground gave him a detailed account of mass murder in Poland, Frankfurter denied the information as beyond the realm of possibility. "I did not say this young man is lying," he explained. "I said I cannot believe him. There is a difference.""

    There is a little more, but hopefully this is sufficient to help. My hands are tired or i'd type something about Hiroshima!

    Good luck!

    Oh, and here's the citation for my History book if you need it:

    Roark, James L.

    "The American Promise: A History of the United States" Vol. 2: from 1865

    Boston. Bedford/St. Martins. 2005


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    I wont do the homework or letter part for you but I will give you some points to work with

    Auschwitz was a concentration camp and thus it housed no real military value. Yes the victims of the concentration camp were forced in many cases to work on building military vehicles however they did everything they could to sabotage those vehicles. bombing a concentration camp would not hurt Nazi germany but would instead hurt the victims of the Nazi's. There would be no benifit of bombing Auschwitz

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    Seriously...READ THE HISTORY BOOK BEFORE POSTING QUESTIONS!!!!!! Auschwitz used to be a Nazi Concentration Camp in which they had been murdering Jewish individuals, Gypsies, homosexuals, and any person else who did not comply with the Aryan race. Why might we bomb a camp stuffed with individuals that we're seeking to retailer??? That is simply undeniable insanity!!!!!!! Second, President Truman made the resolution to make use of the atomic bomb on Hiroshima and Nagasaki considering of the casualties if we had been to invade Japan's residence islands had been anticipated to be among one hundred,000 and one million million. So, ultimately, utilizing the atomic bomb no longer simplest averted much less casualties on our aspect, but in addition the civilian populace.

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