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NFL MOCK DRAFT: And with the 3rd pick in the draft the Atlanta Falcons Select......?????

Miami-Chris Long DE

St, Louis-Jake Long OT

Atlanta-now on the Clock

Tell Me me Who the falcons take and why. Best answer is my 3rd pick in the mock draft. Matt Ryan seem Logical given the mess that Vick Left behind, but do the falcon's really take another QB in this early, remember the falcon do have like 3 2nd round pick and could use those to trade back intot he end of the 1st round to get a qb like brohm or flacco? Maybe a trade with Cowboys so the boys can take McFadden? Glenn Dorsey is also a possibility as the falcons with new G.M. Tom Dimitroff, who known for building his defense around big tackles (Richard Seymour, Vince Wilfork, Ty Warren)? Best answer is the 3rd pick and 10 points.


Anybody think this is a prime spot for the cowboys to trade into? One spot before The raiders who are also high Mcfadden. Also The falcons could gain 2 #1's though they are late round picks, they could use one on a guy like brohm or Flacco and the other on a need position like OT or DT and they still have 3 2nd rounders.

Update 2:

Gholston is interesting But I think the falcons need a run stuffer more then an end. Falcons did take Jamaal Anderson last year.

Update 3:

falcons will not give up their 3rd overall pick for derek anderson. They would need draft picks as compensation in addition to derek anderson, something the browns dont have, cause of Quinn last year. However, you do illustrate a good point in that, They could probably trade this pick for derek who is better at this point than Matt Ryan, which lead me to believe Matt Ryan is not going to be the pick here.

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    Tom Dimitroff himself said he will not draft a QB who does not have the value of that pick. Matt Ryan is a joke, you think atlanta will want a QB who throws half his completions to the defense that desperatly???....The pick, if they dont trade is definitly Glenn Dorsey...or as you said...a trade with the 'eager to grab mcfadden' cowboys. and also a swap with the bengals first is also a possibility, getting the bengals dorsey and the Falcons a Chance to use the value and grab Brohm.

    Hueyrock...that QB 17 years ago was a drunk who wasted his years there until the falcons traded him to GB when reality finally hit him.

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    With 4 of the 1st 48 picks, the falcons are in great shape this draft. The obvious choice would be Dorsey just because he's the best player available at this point. However, the Falcons are devastated at QB and a quick fix. With little depth at QB this draft, the Falcons select Matt Ryan, QB Boston College. They can use one of the high 2nd rounders on a quality d lineman and CBs.

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    Well in the sceniro you have it in they take Matt Ryan (which i'm about 65% about). However lets say the rams go with someone else (that's not Matt Ryan) that's when your Atlanta you have to decide do u want a Jake Long the best tackle coming out of college since Orlando Pace or do u want a franchise QB then take a another good QB in the second round (like Brain Brohm, or if he taken, Chad Henne, Joe Flacco, Andre Woodson)

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    If the Falcons think Ryan is a franchise quarterback, there's no way they're going to pass on him. Taking a chance on a later round pick when the best available player at the most important position is staring you in the face makes no sense at all. Like you said they have 3 2nd round picks, and trading some of them away to get a weaker quarterback when they've got a ton of holes to fill is a bad idea. Take Ryan first, then use those second round picks to fill the roster with solid players. There are plenty of potential starters in the second round, and they're in great position to rebuild with that many picks.

    EDIT: elkgond might be right too. Anderson may be on the block, and could be a safer option at quarterback for the Falcons. I wouldn't bet on it, but it's a possibility.

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    The Browns trade Derek Anderson to the Falcons and pick Darren McFadden. You don't think you are going through the first round and Derek Anderson will still be a Brown do you?

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    QB Matt Ryan

    the falcons need a QB to help save the team from the vick incident. matt ryan is their dream pick, and if he's here, they will no doubt draft him

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    Quarterback, Matt Ryan.

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    17 years ago Atlanta waited until the second round to choose a Q.B. and then traded him away! Don't make the same mistake again. Take Matt Ryan when you get the chance.

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    Brandon Pettigrew TE Oklahoma State

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    If they are smart they will take Jake Long. That is where they need the most help, and he is as close as you can get to a sure thing.

    Suprisingly, I am not going to take a shot at Vick. I think Falcon fans have had enough of it, and it's time to move on.

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