Is this for real or an atheist hoax?

"In 2006, a self-published study was undertaken to investigate, on a country-by-country level, the possibility of a link between the importance of religion to citizens and their average IQ. The study found that the strength of religious belief in countries was inversely related to their average IQ. The countries with higher IQs on average had significantly lower levels of religious belief than those with lower average IQs."



Admittedly, "hoax" is probably too strong of a word. "Skewed" may have been more appropriate.

If it's true, it seems like it would be something that is common knowledge.

Perhaps it IS among atheists.

But this is the first I've heard of it.

Agnostic: 149 - 170 IQ (depending on which test you want to believe if any)

Update 2:

gwhiz : I have a theological collage on my wall. It's very pretty.

Sorry, couldn't help myself. My spelling is atrocious too.

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    Check the references.

    It's not to say that all religious people are stupid - only that there's an evident correlation between lower IQ and greater religiosity.

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    1. That study was self-published, making it specious at best.

    1a. "[A]theist hoax"? Are you afraid of an international atheist conspiracy?

    2. What the hell is "IQ"? One of the leading "IQ" researchers of the 20th Century, after decades, said that the biggest problem with intelligence research was that we still don't really know what "IQ" is or means, besides your test score on some exam.

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    It's always strange to me how theists think they can discredit the evidence of this general trend by appealing to specific counter-examples. Of course, correlation is not causation so there is likely to be a third factor involved (i.e. perhaps lower class people tend to attend church for support and also tend to not pursue higher education).

    But the obvious correlation between the two factors is not overthrown by "Hey, look at this" or "But look at me." It's the equivalent to saying "Christians don't volunteer more time or donate more money to charity, I'm an atheist, and look at my resume."

  • I can't possibly know if it is, without doubt, true but with a quick reflection of my friends and family, my community and society in general as reflected in literature I have an easy time believing it is probable.

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    1 decade ago

    Yes it is real there is also a higher level of criminal behavior among the religious as well as psychological problems . Drug abuse , Teenage pregnancy and depression lots of things . This is the reason I am such a strong anti-theist .

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    Feel free to check the facts and figures .

    Source(s): Note to Mignotte that village in the Amazon is " religious " in their own terms and you are a bigot thinking that only your superstition is a religion .
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    You seem surprised at the results?

    Certainly, there are many very intelligent religious people. Don't confuse average IQ with everyone's.

  • 1 decade ago

    The study has been conducted frequently since 1940 something. Roughly about every four years.


    Sorry, since 1927. Although there were other studies that I forget where I saw the listing of.

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    So are you saying a town in the Amazon has a higher level

    of IQ than people in a Cathedral? I know some scientist

    that are very religious...pull the trigger Kurt...sorry it's my

    nature to hate the haters...I'm being cynical.

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    I don't know if it's true but I'm never that keen on statistics as they are very subjective.

    Statistics: The only science that enables different experts using the same figures to draw different conclusions.

    Evan Esar

  • 1 decade ago

    That sounds as if it is true. Religion involves turning off the intellect and using emotions and feelings.

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