I need some good Legal advice...Please?

At the end of Feb. I was in a car accident. I wasn't driving...my friend was. Everyone was okay...accept me. I damaged my wrist and have been out of work since. I am handeling my friends insurance company and all of that but I'm on medical leave where I work.

Lately my boss has been calling me asking when I'm coming back to work. Telling me she doesn't want any misunderstandings...and saying things like

"Has HR told you how many more days you can take off?"

Frankly, I'm afraid that I'll get back to work for a few days and they will fire me over this. As it is I feel pressured to return to work, even thought my Doctor has explicitly told me I can't.

I have NO idea what to do...

any advice?

I know I should go talk to a lawyer who works on comission, but I'm a worry wart...and I hate making waves so this is hard enough for me as it is. I just want things resolved and I want to go back to work without their crap.


I work at Whole Foods market...so this is no small fish. They are generally good...but this being injured thing has made me realize that they still need to do some work. My doctor recommended that I go on FMLA...but my HR person said that I wouldn't need to...that Whole Foods would hold my job for me...

some how I think I've been tricked.

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    I think the only way you can get around your company letting you go because you are injured is by using the family medical leave act. They have the right to hire someone to operate normally. It is not there fault that you got hurt. Also you should hire a lawyer if you cannot get back to work. That insurance company will pay your medical and offer you a few hundred dollars. If you are happy with that then do not hire a lawyer. However if you lose your job or can't work because of this injury your entitled to lost wages in your claim. You won't get that with out a lawyer.

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    They need to hire a temp until your doctor approves going back to work. I would speak with someone in Human Resources to make sure you are covered. Then if your boss questions you about it, you can tell him exactly how long HR said. Also I would politely suggest that she is being rather insensitive by asking you to go against your doctor's medical advice.

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    Get a letter from your doctor and hand deliver it to work. Get back from work a letter stating that they have received the letter. Also get in writing the policy for injury leave at your place of employment. Cover all bases just in case you need the information.

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    How may employees does your employer employ?

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