Men! Would you date a black women?

and not try to hide it from friends or be embarrassed when you're out in public? Just curious!
Update: playsoccer! Um...first of all I'mnot insecure...I'm simply just asking a question but you my dear sound like you have been drinking some haterade! I'm used to girls like you hatin' on me, so hate on!
Update 2: playsoccer~ BTW, this question was for MEN. Need I say more!
Update 3: AS I said efore I'm curious! It has nothing to do with me being insecure are you serious? Just answer the question or STFU!
Update 4: WOW! I asked a simple question and the trolls come out in full force!
Update 5: Thanks Amy!
Update 6: um..I don't need a date, I'm simply asked a question. I'm married by the way but thanks for trying!
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