beer exploded in car, can i get the smell out?

i know it was stupid. i left one beer in my car, forgot about it, and apparently it froze, then de-thawed, and exploded. now my car smells like beer? any advice on how to get the smell out?


It happened in the trunk part of a hatchback eclipse. I removed the fabric part where it exploded on (it covers the spare tire) and doused it with baking soda for now. also cracked the windows. i'm going to try to hit it with a carpet shampooer later.

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    Fill a spray bottle with vinegar, spray evenly on all fabric, vacuum the carpet and saturate, let sit 5 min. and then blot with a damp white towel, then blot again with dry white towel or paper towels.

    Spray and wipe off all other surfaces. (dashboard, windows, etc.) Vinegar is a natural non-toxic cleaner and deodorizer, can be used on all surfaces, cleans streak free, so there is no need to rinse after cleaning.

    The vinegar smell with dissipate in a couple days, the beer smell and stains will be gone.

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    Beer Smell Removal

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    I know baking soda gets rid of smells pretty well. Get a box of baking soda and leave it open underneath the driver's seat of your car.

    Take out any floor mats you have and give them a shampoo...heck, even hose them off with soap in the driveway.

    If possible, leave your windows open a crack. You don't want to seal in moisture when you car heats up. You'll get a terrible mildew smell.

    Other than that, just time. The smell will leave eventually.

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    First, good, it'll be a stinking mess before too long.

    To answer your question, try 'Resolve Carpet Cleaner'. It is available almost anywhere. Saturate the entire area, scrub it with either a brush or an old washcloth,then saturate it once more, vacuum the area thoroughly and you should probably simply go ahead and repeat the process at least once. Just in case.

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    Yeah baking soda trick works .... spill it on the spots and then clean with the detergent or i used kitchen cleaners before...

    but it would take some time to get the smell out.... well keep u r windows when ever u can...

    Good luck dude....!

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    your best bet is to have it cleaned....or....bissel makes this thing, its called the little mean green machine, my dad has one & it's basically a carpet cleaner for your kid threw up all over his car & it cleaned every bit of the smell out. and some frebreeze wouldn't hurt. I wouldn't use air fresheners b/c they'll just blend with the beer & the smell will get worse....but a carpet cleaner, like the little mean green...clean every bit of fabric in your car with it.....or, rather than buying one, go pay someone to do it for ya

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    I have had this happen..Its easy to get out.

    Sprinkle lots of baking soda on the spots, and let it sit an hour.

    Then vacuum. And then sprinkle a small amount of a carpet freshener on it. That should do the job.

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    well my friend threw up all over in my car on saturday, i used febreeze after cleaning up all the um, particles right away. i then took it to the car wash and used the shampoo and just cleaned EVERY surface- windows, all seats, everything. even thoug its cold, i left all the windows cracked all day, all night and got 2 new airfreshners. i also used this perfume spray stuff under the seats at the carwash. now it smells like chemicals and vanilla, but its better than vomit. good luck!

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    Looks like you are going to have to get your car smells like cat urine after it rots in your car. (I personally do not drink, but have been the designated driver for many a drunk friend). Vomit with beer mixed in is even more difficult to get the smell out. I get my car detailed, but I swear sometimes I can still smell it (especially on hot days).

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