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DAR asked in Politics & GovernmentElections · 1 decade ago

Don't you think Ron Paul has pretty decent coat tails for a 'fringe candidate?' Do you think this will


"It is almost as if it is the second American Revolution has arrived. There are over 40 candidates, inspired by Ron Paul’s Presidential campaign, running for federal office. The media likes to marginalize the impact of the Ron Paul campaign by pointing to the lack of primary victories, but glancing at the list of candidates running for office at reveals the underpinnings of a genuine political movement towards freedom, prosperity, and peace.

Perhaps most fitting, six candidates are within yelling distance of the Capitol building in DC. There are four candidates in Maryland who have already claimed victory in their primaries: Collins Bailey, Richard Matthews, Peter James, and Mike Hargadon. The two candidates running for Congress in Virginia have primaries coming up on June 10th. Both are running grassroots based campaigns similar to Ron Paul....."

What do you think?

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago
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    I think so.

    One thing about Dr. Paul's campaign... it is very grass-roots oriented.

    Meaning... it does not have the backing of the main stream media, and all of it's momentum comes from "boots-on-the-ground" supporters. As evidence of this, Dr. Paul raised more money than most of the republican candidates, mostly through spontaneous fund-raising over the internet. Most presidential campaigns raise money through high-dollar fund-raising events... like $1000/plate dinners and such. Or through campaign contributions made by corporations and special interests. Dr. Paul raised $6 million in one day over the internet... a higher one-day total than any other candidate in history. This was done with NO official campaign coordination. It was done through spontaneous grass-roots efforts. As Dr. Paul put it... the money just poured in. The average contribution was $114.

    Second, you'll notice that even though Dr. Paul was polling at 5-10% of the vote in the primaries, his signs and message seemed to be everywhere. His supporters are VERY active percentage-wide compared to the supporters of other candidates. His supporters actually go out and promote his message. They don't just sit at home and watch the race on tv. The other candidates have bunches of supporters who are voting for "the lesser of 2 evils"... they are voting just to be voting... and they don't really stand behind their candidate.

    Ron Paul supporters not only think he's a good man for the job, but that he's the ONLY man for the job. They are made up of hundreds of thousands of people who are fed up with the federal government, some believing that the entire government is mostly corrupt... and changes need to be made from the bottom up... not just from the top down.

    Also, many republicans are very frustrated with the GOP. Many will be voting dem this year... or voting for Ron Paul WHETHER OR NOT HE GETS THE NOMINATION. For a party that's supposed to be for smal government and conservative fiscal spending, the current group of neo-con GOP leaders have disenfranchised many of the members of the party with their war-mongering and deficit spending. They are looking for a Barry Goldwater-type to help bring back the principles of the republican party.

    In many states and counties, Ron Paul supporters are showing up in droves to get involved in the political process. I've heard that many of these groups have no trouble "taking over" their local republican committees due to the general apathy of the people currently running them. Ron Paul supporters have had their apathy cured... by the message of freedom and limited government.

    Overall, the general idea is that the republican party has strayed from it's roots and disappointed it's followers. That's why the dems are going to win the presidency this year. (If they don't self-destruct.) Ron Paul supporters are VERY FERVENT and believe that something must be done to change the direction the country is headed in.

    Dr. Paul's following may be small... around 10% of the population or a little more. (Hard to tell, most people who like him still aren't voting for him because the main stream media keeps repeating the mantra, "he has no chance".)

    But that 10% is a VERY ACTIVE and DEDICATED 10%. They keep fighting to win delegates, even though McCain has assured a mathematical victory in the primaries.

    The media has done a good job of telling the masses that he is a "fringe" candidate and that "he's a long shot"... but somehow when people here him speak, they always think that he makes the most sense during debates.......


    Go Ron Paul!

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Loyalty like this has never been earned by ANY "fringe" -type candidate.

    What astounds me, time and again, every time I hear and/or see it, is how inaccurately the "anti-Paul" types describe him. They dislike him because...a, b, c, ... and invariably, a, b & c, are fabricated nonsense. All stuff the press just gushes out in the form of sound-bites and quips, non-contextual pulp and the like.

    Without exception, EVERY person I know who listened to Dr. Paul BEFORE the press plowed into him (intending to vaporize his support) is shaking their heads at the nature of press reports, how they brazenly convolute the truth and logic, how they basically just lie and mis-lead their readers, viewers, listeners and how they can do it so comfortably.

    If Paul had done anything at all to deserve this, I'd back off. But he hasn't. His word is his bond - proven by the fact that his word never changes.

    This election was bizarre enough with the crud orbiting the other candidates. The "Media vs Dr. Ron Paul" specter, though, dwarfs all the rest and just leaves me stunned. Let's all work together to find an effective method of just getting people to listen to Paul's speeches and positions. Even if it requires letting other's READ the material ... people with more "viewer-friendly" appearances and more "listener-friendly" voices.


  • 1 decade ago

    I do think the media has marginalized this movement.

    While I understand there won't be a change over night in the Government, nor in the hearts of the American people, there is hope for the future as a result of this revolutionary campaign.

    Like it or not, Ron Paul has become the de facto leader of disenfranchised America.

    The people will have their voice heard.

    Source(s): Nostra Insurrectum Illa Eternus!
  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    An army of Ron Paul's is what this nation needs, from local govt. all the way to the top. In spite of some of his perceived faults, you can not argue with the fact that he is very pro America and wants what is best fort this nation. He is willing to go toe to toe with those that question him and has solid answers that reflect the constitution.

    He is unashamed of his positions and refuses to apologize for them.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I think Ron Paul is just what the country needs.

    If he runs independent I will vote for him McCain if he doesn't.

  • 1 decade ago

    I love him... (as a candidate)

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago


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