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Live in Alabama?

Who lives in Alabama? Do you like it ? what are good areas to live in?

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    I'm 27 and have lived in Alabama all my life. I've lived in Sylacauga (24 years), Troy (2 years), and now in Hamilton (4 months). I've also went to college in various places and visited places all over the state. I love living in Alabama; it's a beautiful state with a lot of good state parks and other places to visit such as the Space & Rocket Center, Gulf Shores, Desoto Caverns, etc. The weather is also warm for the most part, which is great for anyone who loves the outdoors, although in the summer the humidity is unending. I personally don't like heavy traffic and big city life, so I wouldn't want to live in Birmingham (especially with all the crime), Montgomery, and other big places.

    The places I'd most like to live are the mid-size towns/cities, such as Sylacauga, Alexander City, and Fort Payne. Places close to the beach, like Robertsdale and Fairhope would be very nice if you'd like living within driving distance to the beach. I would personally choose anywhere in east-central Alabama because you'd always be within driving distance of a lot of great places both in the state and out of state (Panama City, Atlanta, Gatlinburg/Pigeon Forge) and there are a lot of booming industries for employment, especially in the auto industry and government.

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    I do but I don't live in the funnest area of AL. Birmingham, Tuscaloosa, Montgomery, Mobile, Fairhope are all good areas to live in.

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