Does anyone know the Artist of The Day,Deans Dairy,Taylor Swift Code word and Nascar Rewards for March 27,2008

Champions Heavyweight boxing Champion, Joe Louis, has had 72 professional fights. How many of those fights did he lose? - c(3),Country Music Trivia George Strait is known for his honky tonk country western sound. How high (number) on the Billboard Country charts did the George Strait CD "#7" peak at? - 1,Extraordinary The U.S. Constitution was first ratified in 1791 with the Bill of Rights containing 10 amendments to the Constitution. What was the first amendment? - A) Freedom of religion, press, and expression,Famous Firsts Hawaii is a beautiful island that also became famous for the growing and being the largest exporter of a certain type of nut, which is the only major commercial food crop that is native to Australia. In 1956, the first commercial crop for the Mauna Loa company took place in Hawaii. What is the name of the type of nut that Mauna Loa produced and still produces today? -C(Macadamia)


SpiralFrog Trivia Keep track of the Hottest Downloads on! For 2500 Points: For 2500 Points: Under Artists, which Cajun artist is the last one listed in "Z"? - Zydeco Hounds,Villains of the Silver Screen In the 1997 movie, The Devil’s Advocate, Al Pacino takes a crack at playing the Devil, known as John Milton. He’s trying to convince a young hot shot attorney (Keanu Reeves) to cross over to his side, which will only cost him his soul. Finish this quote by Milton in the movie that is very close to another famous line from the 1970 movie Love Story: “Freedom baby…” - B) “…is never having to say you’re sorry.”

Update 2:

Previous trivia Answers For March 26,2008(Wednesday) - Champions Previous Answer: b) 20 minutes FYI: Joe Louis, also known as the “Brown Bomber” had 69 wins during his professional career, 55 of those win by a knock out.,Country Music Trivia Previous Answer:1998,Extraordinary Previous Answer:b) 12,Famous Firsts Previous Answer:a) Good & Plenty FYI: Hawaii provides 95% of the world’s crop, though it is native to Australia.,Villains of the Silver Screen Previous Answer:a) SWF Seeks the Same

Update 3:

Taylor Swift Code of the Day

Listen to Bill Garcia each week night at approximately 8:45 p.m. for the Taylor Swift Code Word of the Day. Enter it here to win 25,000 points - Teardrops on My Guitar - Thank you goes out to Zillybookreader and Ephstigers for the Taylor Swift Code Word Of The Day!Thank you also to Zillybookreader for confirming correct trivia answers!

Update 4:

Check out the following article on the world's biggest rabbit -

Update 5:

Looking for unusual cakes that are awesome - Check out cakegirls in Chicago - winner of three Food Network Challenges -

Update 6:

Artist of the Day

Listen to the US99.5 Morning Show for the Artist of the Day Code and enter it here for 5,000 bonus points! - Sugarland

Update 7:

Dean's Dairy Code of the Day

Listen for the Dean's Dairy Code of the Day for 5,000 bonus points.


You received 5000 Points - Vanilla worked for me as well

Update 8:

Sleuth Trivia

Test your sleuthing skills by finding the hidden answer to this trivia question.

Look through the prizes we're giving away for a smaller version of the sleuth graphic above, which will be hidden in one of the prize descriptions. When you see that graphic, click on it to find out the answer. Enter that answer below for 1,500 points! - Glass is correct

Update 9:

All Access - Week 48

Visit the US99.5 All Access Video page, view the video for this week, identify the code word and enter it for it for a cool 10,000 points! Visit often and look for the next chance to view and get your points! - Achy is correct for 10,000 points!

Update 10:

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Update 11:

Cloudeight Trivia Answers For Thursday March 27,2008 - Trivia Questions - Thursday, March 27, 2008

This week's questions, answers and winners are further down on this page.

Jeopardy Trivia is the name - "Country Music" is the game.

Answer #1

A grandma before her 30th birthday, she's the real "Coal Miner's Daughter". - Loretta Lynn

Answer #2

Nashville's Ryman Auditorium was its home for years. - The Grand Ole Opry

Answer #3

His famed San Quentin concert inspired inmate Merle Haggard. - Johnny Cash

Source of trivia answers is the following link:

Update 12:

Can anyone help nancykep - she asked me the following question? Does anyone have the listen and win code words for cisn 103.9 for march 27 and would like to share them Thanks

Update 13:

Cloudeight Cryptogram Solution For March 27,2008 Thursday - Does anyone know the solution for the following cryptogram for Thursday March 27,2008?

Cryptogram - Thursday, March 27, 2008 - Contest # 695

Here's today's Cryptogram. To win, you must decipher it.


Beer is living proof that god loves us and wants us to be happy

Prizes you can win: Word Scramble Prizes:

Winner may select one prize from the list below:

1. A one year subscription to our InfoAve Premium Newsletter

2. Cloudeight Smileycons Gold Membership (One Year) - You must already own the Smileycons program.

3. A Registered Version of our Cloudeight Email Backup Guardian for Outlook Express program

4. A six-month's extension to your Smileycons gold membership (You must be a current Smileycons Gold member)

5. A registered version of FolderMagic

Update 14:

Nascar Rewards Code of the Day

Listen to Drew Walker at approximately 6:20 p.m. every weekday evening for the NASCAR Rewards Code of the Day for the chance to earn 5000 Rewards points! - Pole Position Works For 5,000 Points!

Update 15:

Cloudeight Name That Tune Trivia For Thursday March 27,2008 - Mr. Roboto written by Dennis DeYoung and performed by Styx

Update 16:

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    1 decade ago
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    Artist ----------------- Sugarland

    Deans-------------------- Vanilla

    Taylor ----------------- Tear drops on my guitar

    Rowdy code-------------performer

    Champions ---------------C

    Country ------------------ 1

    Extraordinary --------------- A

    Famous Firsts ---------------- C

    SpiralFrog ------------------ Zydeco Hounds

    Villains ----------------- B



    Coby CX-CD282 Portable CD/Radio/Cassette Player


  • 1 decade ago

    Hey Everyone,

    I need some help. I just signed up for the county club today and I noticed that there are a lot of codes for things that I don't know how to Dean's Dairy, Taylor Swift, Nascar Rewards, All Access, Rowdy Code, etc. I have no idea where to put those in. Also, I have put in Sugarland for the artist of the day a bunch of times and it tells me that I'm wrong. Can anyone help? Thanks so much!

  • 1 decade ago

    SpiralFrog Trivia:

    Keep track of the Hottest Downloads on! For 2500 Points: A Membership To of SpiralFrog Gives You Music That's WHAT?

    Answer: FREE

    Country Videos on Demand trivia:

    In the Kenny Chesney video for "Shiftwork" what 3 colors are the steel drums?

    Answer: Red White Blue

    Thanks for the answers everyone, they work for Country 92.5 in Hartford, CT too!

  • 1 decade ago

    All Access Codes

    46 = Owen

    47 = Slainte

    48 = Achy

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  • 1 decade ago

    Taylor Swift code Tear Drops On My Guitar

  • 1 decade ago

    thanks again!

    PLATY KIM - this group is from all across the US, so depending on your radio station as to what some of the codes are. From where I am from (HOUSTON) we dont have the NASCAR (I wish), Deans, or Dairy. But we have Rowdy word, IPOD and rewind songs. All in all the trivia answers are pretty much the same. Should be under your LOYAL LISTENER CLUB on their website. Look for MUSICLOVER every morning and as you can see the answers are all there.... Great team work and many friends and lovers of music. Good Luck to you. Also get an Avatar so we can see you!

  • 1 decade ago

    Good Morning everyone,

    Hope you have a wonderful day.

    Artist - Sugarland

    Deans- Vanilla

    Taylor - Tear drops on my guitar

    Champions - C

    Country - 1

    Extraordinary - A

    Famous Firsts - C

    Spiralfrog - Zydeco Hounds

    Villians - B

  • 1 decade ago

    Artist - Sugarland

    Deans- Vanilla

    Taylor - Tear drops on my guitar

    Champions - C

    Country - 1

    Extraordinary - A

    Famous Firsts - C

    Spiralfrog - Zydeco Hounds

    Villians - B

    Thanks everyone. Happy a great day!!

  • 1 decade ago Trivia -You can select an affordable auto insurance policy calling or visiting their individual sites, when you can take advantage of a one-stop shop like For 2500 Points: How do you get started? Enter Zip code

    Sleuth - GLASS

  • 1 decade ago

    Artist - Sug

    Deans - Van

    Nascar - E

    Taylor - Tea - Zip

    Champions - C

    Country - 1

    Extraordinary - A

    Famous Firsts - C

    SpiralFrog - eco

    Villains - B



  • 1 decade ago

    OH MY GOODNESS!!!! What time do you people start in the morning??

    AKERNS812---I think that "sneeze" was the sleuth word yesterday.

    heyzilly----just copying from drinkon's paper.

    ZILLYBOO--I just read your negative feedback question, and I gave you a thumbs-up to counter-act whoever is doing this to you. I, and I hope others, will watch for this negative ignorance and try to keep everybody's slate clean. We've got a good thing going, Folks. Let's not lose it.

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